Real Leadership Matters

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The President's official Thanksgiving poster was removed and thrown out.

The President’s official Thanksgiving poster was removed and thrown out.

Baltimore Maryland – (

A protest group of 50 sixth grade students, at the Martin Luther King Elementary School, have reached an agreement with the school principal’s office to remove a mural of President Barack Obama from the school.

Twenty five students conducted a three day sit-in protest inside the principal’s office. A second group of 25 protesting students marched to city hall where they met with the mayor, members of the city council and members of the board of education.

Initially this second group of peaceful student protestors was ignored at city hall, but kindergarten students had provided bags of soft ammunition to throw at the building. Soon they were surrounded by Baltimore police anticipating another riot, like in April 2015. The students succeeded in getting the Mayor’s attention!

The 50 protesting students demanded the school remove a mural of President Barack Obama located in the main entranceway to the school and desired the return of the original mural of the Reverend Martin Luther King. They said a role model like the Reverend Martin Luther King, who exhibited leadership and integrity characteristics, was better suited. Additionally, they demanded that Barack Obama street signs be removed in the vicinity of the school.

The Baltimore Mayor, Board of Education and City Council gave their endorsement to the school’s removal and replacement of the present mural.

The Martin Luther King Elementary School Principle indicated no formal disciplinary action would be taken if the students peacefully left his office and did not bother the current lame duck Baltimore Democratic Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake!

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