Editorial: Failed President Obama’s Legacy

by on 06/12/15 at 7:16 am

Obama appears hurt and dismayed after reading the SatireWorld opinion piece

Obama appears somewhat hurt and dismayed after reading the SatireWorld editorial concerning his failed presidency.

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

Failed President Barack Obama is a Democratic Marxist empty suit, former Chicago community organizer and divider of White and Black US citizens (race card player). This president won’t say “Islamic terrorism,” while Americans of all faiths were killed on American soil in an Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California.

Syed Farook, a devout Muslim, and his radicalized Muslim Pakistani wife killed 14 people and wounded 21 others at a holiday party being hosted by his employer. Federal, state, and local Investigators have found evidence linking Farook and his wife to known Islamic terrorists and to Islamic extremism organizations.

Politically correct President Barack Obama’s legacy will be that this orator of big lies has: 1) ignored Islamic terrorism/ISIS at home and abroad, that has gotten American’s killed here in the USA; 2) is obsessed with disarming US citizens using phony gun statistics; 3) worries more about the hoax of climate change based on phony climate models than the safety of USA citizens; 4) is trying to achieve federal government control of all US energy production, businesses, pensions e.g. ObamaCare; 5) proposed diverting funding from veterans programs to support his failing ObamaCare; 6) he wants to flood the US with illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees via open borders (infiltrated by ISIS fighters) for Democratic political voting gains and; 7) his left wing attorney general, who would squelch free speech of Americans, cares more about the potential bullying of Muslims than about dead Americans and is trying to divide Muslims from other groups of Americans!

The citizens of the USA of all faiths, will defend themselves against Islamic terrorists if need be: 1) not giving up their weapons of self defense, as this president still won’t say Islamic terrorism, but wants more information about the San Bernardino shootings; 2) won’t make a serious effort to destroy “a Junior Varsity (JV) team like ISIS;” 3)  he’s quick to make a wrong judgment about Travon Martin in FL and the black thug Michael Brown in Ferguson MO; and 4) tacitly this president also condones the arming of #BLM thugs with illegally obtained weapons, while infringing and possibly trying to completely abridge the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

This delusional, incompetent president, whose motto is “orate loudly and then do nothing,” should be impeached by Congress, then tried for treason and perhaps sent to GITMO for 25 years (his private safe space) next to his former Secretary of State (SOS) Hillary Clinton’s cell. Remember the Benghazi Libya cover-up of the embassy attack murders, perpetrated by Islamic terrorists. Then the exposure of Clinton transmitting/receiving Top Secret emails via an unsecured home server, violating US espionage acts!

No sane American admits to voting for Barack Obama twice!

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