Bill Clinton….The Lewinski Cronicles 1997 Part III

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Monica always wore a black bra when visiting the White House Oral Office.

Monica always wore her hair up and a sexy black bra when visiting the White House Oral Office.

Part III The Lewinsky Scandal

The White House (

President Bill Clinton served in office from 1992 through 2000. During that time Oval Office Sex was a prime concern of the American people as rumors swirled and innuendo became dreaded reality…The President of the United States was indeed having sex in the Oval Office with an employed intern half his age! The resulting scandal was referred to as ‘Zippergate.’

BC: “Monica came into the Oval office quite upset. I asked her what the problem was and that was before I noticed she had changed her hairdo somewhat. Her radiant dark hair was pulled down to the sides, when normally it would be brushed back from her ears accenting her cute but chubby little neck. She sipped her coffee from a styrofoam cup and took a seat on one of the couches. I could tell she was troubled. At first, I feared she might be pregnant, but since our relationship was penetration-free, I could really give a fat rat’s ass if that were the case, but today I was horny as hell as usual and her drama was getting in the way of a good afternoon blowjob.”

BC: “Finally, she collected herself and began with her story. It seemed she was, once again, upset with her weight and had prayed to God that he would do something about her weight especially her ‘love handles’ as she called them.”

BC: “Not taking her too serious, I laughed and asked how it went. Then, she started to cry almost uncontrollably. I gave her a shot of some Irish whiskey I keep in the desk and that seemed to calm her some, at least enough to continue on…..”

BC: “Monica told me she prayed along with a holy man from Israel named Moisha. Monica is Jewish of course, so I thought maybe this Moisha character was just trying to get his ram’s horn cleaned or something else, but the rest of the story really surprised me.”

BC: “It seems God actually listened to her and told her, quote”…“Yes Monica my child , you are an innocent lamb of God and I will remove your ‘love handles’ and make you happy and content once more. Just sleep deeply and when you awake your troubles will be cared for.”

BC: “Well, Monica told me she dismissed the holy man and went straight to bed. When she awoke and remembered the words of God from the night before she rushed to her mirror she witnessed God’s work first hand….In the night, God had removed both her ears!”

BC: “Now, I’m not one for Jewish miracles but….How do I get this blooming idiot out of my office and get that damned blue GAP dress back?”

Bill Clinton, 1997
Transcript from Oval Office interview

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