Hillary finally coughs up Hairball …DNA pending…

by on 17/02/16 at 10:54 am

..still others say her real Dad worked in a Tijuana sex club.

..still others say her real Dad worked in a Tijuana sex club.

Chelsea looks like Webb! After a few beers I bet she looks like Kate Upton!

Chelsea looks like Webb! After a few beers with the guys Chelsea is hoping she looks like Kate Upton!

Chelsea's dad Web Hubble

Chelsea’s suspected real Dad Webb Hubble

Reno, NV – (satireworld.com)

After another gagging event during a $650,000 speaking engagement at a LBGT event Hillary finally coughed up the problem…a giant Hairball some say may be linked to “close personal assistant” Hummer Wiener!

“Wouldn’t surprise me a bit,” said cuckolded hubby Bill who blames his stalking other women on his wife’s penchant for same sex and preying on office staff!

‘I’v come to grips (sic) with the problem a long time ago…Which led me to my current self abuse problem…ask Web Hubble why Chelsea looks like a pit bull with an overbite!”

The medical emergency ties in with a rash of women re emerging to press sex tell-alls in recent weeks as democratic race heats up in SC.

Bill claims he was forced to stray only because Hillary had terminal cancer of the mouth!

John Edwards was awaiting a call from a brokered convention as events unfolded!

More after Hillary withdraws for sexual reasons!

3 Responses to “Hillary finally coughs up Hairball …DNA pending…”

  1. E. Williams

    Feb 17th, 2016

    MSNBC is reporting that it was a Huma pube that was, in fact, the trigger for Hill’s coughing fit. Doctors have advised her to refrain from muff diving for 3 days to give her throat time to heal. Good one, Cap!

  2. Bargis

    Feb 17th, 2016

    Cap is on it!

  3. captain america

    Feb 17th, 2016

    …she won Iowa by a C*** hair!

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