Obama Gets A Sample of His Green Energy Vision for the USA

by on 19/02/16 at 5:42 pm

"Yes, I had a bad dream alright...Get this, I'm driving down 3rd and 33rd and a black guy gets on and says he's the President and that in 50 years no more oil ...all buses will be electric,  and driven by women...homosexuals will  be living in our apartment building, we'll owe China trillions, and coal to heat our homes, yes coal, will be banned!" " Ralph, you gotta cut down late night TV it's giving you crazy bad dreams!"

“Yes, I had a bad dream alright…Get this, I’m driving down 3rd and 33rd and a crazy black guy gets on and says he’s the President and that in 50 years they’ll be no more oil …all buses will be electric, and driven by women…homosexuals will be openly living in our apartment building, we’ll owe China trillions, and coal to heat our homes, yes coal, will be banned!”
” Ralph, you gotta cut down watching the Twilight Zone it’s giving you crazy bad dreams!”

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

It was an extremely hot and humid day in the Capital City, even for July 1, 2016, as the temperature was well over 98 degrees Fahrenheit by 8:00 AM EST. President Barack Obama was awakened by Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett concerning an emergency National Security Council meeting at the US Department of State. The meeting included Secretary of State (SOS) John Kerry and Department of Defense (DOD) Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

The president was perturbed, as he planned to play golf today with only six months left to his term in office and asked what the emergency was. Ms. Jarrett indicated that North Korea had invaded South Korea across the 38th Parallel separating both countries. The 17,000 US troops and Republic of Korea (ROK) forces were holding back the North Korean People’s Army as best they could.

Obama queried if there were military reinforcements in transit from Japan, Europe and the USA? What about US combat aircraft located in the Asian countries or on board the USS Ronald Reagan Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier on station in the region? Valerie why are you dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, why is it so hot in here and what’s that terrible odor? Why aren’t we meeting in the White House Situation Room? Mr. President please put on your golf clothes and I’ll answer all your questions on the ride to the State Department!

Outside the White House a black coach drawn by six white horses was waiting with two Secret Service Detail agents inside the coach, one agent riding shotgun on top, two more on horseback leading the coach and one more following the coach. What’s with the horse drawn coach and why are the Secret Service agents using hand signals? Obama was flabbergasted, but Valerie said, “think progressive President Woodrow Wilson traveled this way in 1917.”

The presidential horse drawn coach began to move into Washington DC morning traffic, sans traffic lights. The streets were clogged with other horse drawn vehicles and sanitation persons with brooms and buckets, as the coach made its way to the State Department at Foggy Bottom. Obama asked what all that mustard colored stuff was on the North Lawn and why can’t we go via the Marine One Helicopter?

Valerie began to explain! Mr. President, do you remember the Clean Power Plan you and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated by Executive Order without Congress? Yes, you mean the plan that the Supreme Court placed an injunction on, but what has that have to do with the North Korean invasion?

Mr. President the EPA overreached, while you were out playing golf, and set a date of implementation as July 1, 2016. There is no fossil fuel (oil, coal or natural gas) currently being utilized, such that the environmentalists are now stepping into horse manure and breathing in the fumes.

Mr. President, electricity is only available from nuclear power plants, hydro-electric generators, wind or solar farms necessitating rationing of electricity. There is no radio/TV, computers, electronic communications, air conditioning, electric subways or light rail (too heavy to be horse drawn). Refineries are shut down as are manufacturing plants, delivery services and transportation (trains, planes, helicopters, trucks, cars, buses and Air Force One). There are no fossil fuels available to power vehicles such as back hoes to remove the horse manure from the White House lawn.

Mr. President, we are going to meet in a second floor office at the State Department because the first floor windows of the building are covered with horse manure. The White House Situation Room located in the basement has its outside air vents completely blocked by horse manure.

Mr. President the North Koreans have invaded just when there is no fuel to power US tanks, planes, missiles and weapon systems which are inoperative except for 17,000 GI’s (men and women) in South Korea and our foreign allies. You need to communicate with these allies, travel to Seoul Korea or Tokyo Japan by a non-US Ocean Liner (like Woodrow Wilson) or rescind the Clean Power Plan!

Mr. President, to be fair the EPA claims there are a few bright spots in the economic forecast as horses and wagons, feed and buggy whip futures are at an all time high on the US Exchanges. There is also an EPA effort to teach Reindeer how to fly and to develop a “used oats” ball flinging weapon system (Trebuchet). EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy suggested that “used oats” is a more politically correct description.

Valerie, I will rescind my Executive Order for the Clean Power Plan allowing the US Military to obtain fuel and push the North Korean People’s Army back across the 38th parallel. I’ll also cancel the EPA’s Flying Reindeer and Trebuchet programs, and tell Vice President Joe Biden his Clean Power Plan was a bad idea. The EPA will be in charge of sending ship loads of all the “used oats” they clean up to Pyongyang.

Now have one of the mounted Secret Service agents ride to the State Department and cancel the meeting. Then have the Presidential coach turn around and drop me at the Congressional Country Club, where I still can still play 18 holes before sundown!

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    good one PoM….sounds like alot of horse shit to me!

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