Minor Scuffle Reported Outside the White House

by on 04/04/16 at 6:58 am

Three brothers from Maryland had a few choice ways to show their complaints

Three brothers from Maryland had a few choice ways to show their complaints

Washington DC – (satireworld.com)

President Obama attended the latest Nuclear Security Summit held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the city to discuss achievements in preventing nuclear weapons proliferation around the world. Unfortunately, Iran, Russia, North Korea and ISIS weren’t at the table. A communiqué was released patting everyone on the back, but Obama again refused to equate Islamic terrorism with ISIS and that group’s intention of obtaining nuclear materials.

Meanwhile at the White House, 20 noisy #BLACKLIVESMATTER protestors with bullhorns showed up out front carrying signs linking the White House to white privilege, e.g. “TEAR DOWN THIS WHITE BUILDING,” “RACISTS INSIDE” and “WE DEMAND A $15 PER HOUR MINIMUM WAGE.” Uniformed Secret Service agents tried to reason with the crowd to be quiet, not to throw things and to peacefully disperse. Apparently some of the protesters did not realize Barack Obama had been US president for eight years!

A short time later First Lady Michelle Obama, leading a detail of six Secret Service agents, passed through the security gatehouse and came outside to meet with the protestors. The agents were pushing a cart with several dozen five gallon cans and assorted other materials

First Lady Michelle, after introducing herself, had a short conversation with the protest leaders. All of the protestors then hastily headed for the nearest Metro station.

Once back inside the White House, First Lady Michelle explained to the staffs and aides that she told the protestors that the White House was not going to be torn down. However 50 gallons of black paint, drop cloths and brushes are handily available for a makeover!

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