Ex-Jersey Shore Cast Member Recalls Seaside Heights EPA Crackdown

by on 14/04/16 at 6:57 am

In 2009, Gov. Chris Christie denounced the Jersey Shore cast as anti-New Jersey.

In 2009, Gov. Chris Christie denounced the Jersey Shore cast as ‘anti-New Jersey’ and bad for the state’s image of cherished mobsters, lousy roads, and crusty oil refineries.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey – (satireworld.com)

Alfonse Pepitone recalled the terrible summer weekend in 2009 when New Jersey EPA officials segregated the cast members of Jersey Shore, a reality TV show. Pepitone played ‘Gonzo the Gorgeous Ginzo’, a local pizzeria owner who delivered custom ‘tomato pies’for the show regulars. Pepitone recalls, that while in EPA custody, the cast members were forced to give investigators saliva and skin scrapings for DNA evidence to be used in a forensic investigation. The investigation was initiated when local residents alerted the state over a massive pollution event taking place several miles offshore.

In 2009 EPA officials issued a temporary restraining order against the cast and crew of the then popular MTV show ‘Jersey Shore.’ The restraining order cited the discovery of a 14 mile greasy oil slick that spread northward from Seaside Heights up to Sandy Hook caused by the cast taking a dip in the surf during weekend filming dates.

The actors on the once popular reality TV show were mostly from the metropolitan area of New York and New Jersey and have been referred to as the worst thing to perpetuate Italian-American stereotyping since the Godfather series of movies.

The television images of skimmers and collection barges picking up the oil slick near Sandy Hook in 2009 angered many New Jersey citizens who made their living off of summer shore and beach related activities for weekend vacationers.

Al Stein, who owned a pre-hurricane Sandy hot dog stand on Seaside’s boardwalk says his business in 2009 was off 75% when the greasy oil slick was first spotted. Others complained too when the tide would push the oil onto shore fouling beaches and coating expensive yacht bottoms with rancid grease.

Vinny Mozzarella, a frequent beach goer in Seaside, and an Italian-American by birth, says all Italians had their images damaged by the recent events. He claims he does his part by rolling in the beach sand to blot any excess oil from his body before taking a dip. Others have started doing the same, as the process is easy for most people regardless of physical abilities.

During a 2009 CNN news report, TV cameras were rolling when beach goers rolled in the sand in unison as people showed their solidarity with burgeoning environmental concerns. The TV image of almost 1,700 overweight and greasy Italians rolling in the sugary white sand was an instant hit on UTube.

Since 2009, EPA officials have contracted reclamation services to a private contractor from Lodi who reprocesses the fatty acids into salad dressing which is exported to China under a new USDA program.

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