Don’t Mess With Women of the State of North Carolina

by on 16/05/16 at 8:47 am

Trans sexuals like Huff Post's Ariana Huffington now avoid North Carolina

Trans sexuals like Huff Post’s Ariana Huffington now avoid North Carolina

Raleigh NC – (

The Department of Justice (DOJ) headed by Attorney General (AG) Loretta Lynch gave North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory a short time to scrap this state’s new “bathroom bill” (gender matches your plumbing). Instead, he’s filing a lawsuit against the federal government. Then President Obama weighed in with his non-binding, federal funding, blackmail “Bathroom Decree” to all the nations public schools!

The elephants in the room, AJ Lynch, NC Governor McCrory, President Obama and all the lawyers can fight the battle while the rest of us go on doing our “daily business” as usual! Although, an interesting event did happen in a shopping mall in North Carolina!

Janet Martin the 6’6” 160 lb Center for the North Carolina Lady Tar Heels Basket Ball team was just about to leave the Lady’s Rest Room when she noticed a woman wearing a grey pantsuit entering the facility. At first Janet thought the woman was Hillary Clinton, but saw the two day growth of stubble on the man’s face. The buttons on the ersatz lady’s jacket also looked like police body cameras.

Janet launched herself at the woman using her best “Blocked Shot” maneuver, but somewhat lower on the person’s anatomy. Instead of finding a “make believe ballroom,” a set of “family jewels” was discovered as both people hit the floor. Janet recovered quickly and dragged the person out of the Lady’s Rest Room.

Hearing the commotion the Mall police had arrived and Janet explained the previously occurring situation to the officers. The officer in charge was very apologetic, but gave Janet a citation for littering saying “put the trash in the proper receptacle next time!”

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