Obama Plans to Apologize to Japan for Roosevelt Dropping F-Bomb

by on 17/05/16 at 6:50 am

Bet that hurt!

Bet that hurt!

HIROSHIMA – (satireworld.com)

Later this month, President Obama will make a trip to the site of the world’s most famous bomb blast, to make an apology for former President Roosevelt dropping a more powerful bomb. The F-bomb.

Many Americans believe Obama has no place apologizing for Roosevelt’s F-bomb because it was perfectly understandable at the time. FDR reportedly yelled, “F**king Japs!” when first hearing about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Apologizing for previous actions by the United States is built into President Obama’s DNA, and aides say he just can’t help himself. Even though the term Roosevelt used was not considered offensive at the time, it came to be so after World War II.


Obama explained that, while the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in an attempt to end the second world war were horrific, the damage done by words causes far greater damage.

“While the carnage from radiation, death, and subsequent birth defects left a lasting effect on the Japanese people, nothing hurts worse, or leaves a scar that will never heal, more than hurtful words. Political correctness has taught us that,” the president said.

“While I greatly admire President Roosevelt and his accomplishments, there was no reason to drop an F-bomb in the aftermath of the loss of American lives at Pearl Harbor. As president, sometimes you have to bite your tongue. Not me, of course, but other presidents. And for any pain or hurt feelings Mr. Roosevelt’s coarse language may have caused the Japanese people, I am truly sorry.”

The Japanese people called President Obama a dumbass, and said they would have gladly taken thousands of FDR’s F-bombs over just two of his A-bombs.


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  1. O'Leg Pee

    May 21st, 2016

    About time he apologised for foisting Caroline Kennedy on the hapless japs

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