Obama Really Gets into Everyone’s Pants this Time

by on 21/05/16 at 9:34 am

Reviewers say the Obama-Hillary Butt wipes are difficult to use since there's a slick surface finish and leaves the 'job undone.'

Reviewers say the Obama-Hillary Butt wipes are difficult to use since there’s a slick surface finish and leaves the ‘job undone.’

Washington DC – (satireworld.com)

President Obama has decided to again defy the Constitutional limits placed on his executive powers and released an unlawful directive stating that public schools must allow Transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. Obama clearly overreached by redefining “sex” to include Transgender children in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 as applicable to sex discrimination. Only Congress can change existing laws!

Many public retail businesses have also succumbed to this bizarre federal government unisex idea by converting their large male and female restrooms to accommodate everyone (sign changes). Subsequent boycotts of these merchant’s has transpired.

In a further response to Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Decree, the other 96.6% of the US population is stocking up on Obama toilet paper to be used both in public and private safe spaces. Obama toilet paper has a picture of Obama on each sheet, with two ply toilet paper having Obama on the front side and Hillary Clinton on the back side.

Retailers report the Obama toilet paper product is rolling off market shelves by the case. Large manufactures of paper products can’t keep up with the demand. In fact, paper napkin production lines have been curtailed and retooled at some companies for Obama Toilet paper production. Large paper products corporations are all seeing increases in their stock values, improving shareholder value. Initially Obama toilet paper was only produced by small specialty and novelty houses.

A Wall Street market analyst noted that when Obama railed against guns, gun sales increased dramatically. Is this lame duck Obama’s new method to stimulate the US economy in the swan song seven months of his failed administration? Perhaps this railing should be called the “Obama Rule,” as part of his legacy?

Obama plans next to disparage women with large breasts. The US public will all have to wait and see if dynamic market forces display an uplifting growth in the cosmetic/plastic surgery industry!

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