Bill Clinton Waged War Over ‘Death Of A Princess’ Files

by on 24/05/16 at 3:56 pm

Bill Clinton's alter-ego.......Jimmy Savile cigar and all.

Bill Clinton’s alter-ego…….Jimmy Savile cigar and all.

...Maybe they trade them off as the other watches?

…Maybe they trade them off as the other watches?

Langley, VA – (

“Makes British serial child molestor pervert Jimmy Savile look like the bloody virgin Mary,” a former intelligence bigwig said today amid claims Bill Clinton orchestrated a lavish whitewash to save his own fetid foreskin by ‘deleting’ evidence of a horrible predatory past.

The remark comes as the Agency reopens its archives regarding the 1977 ‘honor killing’ of a royal Saudi princess, framed and decapitated for adultery in a macabre foreign gripe.

Beautiful and honorable, the 19 year-old House of Swords scion lost her head to an executioner’s cutlass after the right royal kangaroo court stitch-up was condoned by her own kith and kin. The execution in broad daylight at a palace arboretum was expedited hurriedly after the leaking of confidential testimony naming the assailant ‘who had spiked her coffee’ – before violating her repeatedly ‘like a piece of trash’.

Three years later a UK TV documentary re-enacting the perfidy leading up to her beheading hinted heavily at a cover-up ‘at the highest levels of US and Saudi state diplomacy’ in order to protect an international sex ring specialising in the procurement of virgins.

Some paid for by ShAmex. And some by barrels of crude.

Coincidentally the TV drama also shredded the reputation of the CIA’s then Director, George Herbert Bush, criticising his careful containment of the Church Committee’s previous, earlier revelations about illegal and unauthorized CIA activities – including involvement in assassinations all over the globe.

Commenting on the special relationship between himself and former President George Herbert Bush ex-President Clinton once told US reporters, “He’s been like a father to me,” – while guffawing uncontrollably.

Princess Misha’al bint Fahd was indeed a fucking saint.

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