AG Lynch Randomly Meets Former President Bill Clinton

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Ahhhhhhhhhh  Bill's got that covered!

Ahhhhhhhhhh Bill’s got that covered!

According to historians, Bill Clinton also ran into Monica one day in the Oval Office but stayed 6 inches away!

According to historians, Bill Clinton also ran into Monica one day in the Oval Office but stayed 6 inches away!

Phoenix AZ – (

Obama administration Attorney General (AG) Loretta Lynch accidentally ran into former President (FP) Bill Clinton at the Sky Harbor Airport. They met aboard AG Lynch’s private government jet while the airplane was being refueled.

AG Lynch said they did not discuss Presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of TOP SECRET classified emails and the ongoing FBI investigation. They only discussed Hillary (Nana) Clinton’s and Bill’s grandchildren and Bill’s golf game in Phoenix.

Since this is the 21st Century, the marvels of electronics have plucked their conversation out of the Ether employing the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) very large antenna arrays and equipment located in New Mexico. A brief transcript follows:

  • FP Clinton: It’s quite a coincidence that we happen to be in Phoenix at the same time?
  • AG Lynch: Yes it is! President Obama emailed me that you were playing golf somewhere in the western states while I was travelling out here. The Golfer in Chief told me that there will be no mulligan’s given, while Hillary plays in the Pro-Tournaments and gets her balls stuck in sand traps! She should try a wedge! How are the grandchildren?
  • FP Clinton: Nana, oops Hillary is in deep doo doo with the latest little handful, as she emailed me this morning. She just can’t seem to clean up the mess by herself.
  • AG Lynch: Both President Obama and I have grown children and are beyond the doo doo stage. We can be of little help to Hillary in that regards, as I said in my email to your office when she asked for my help.
  • FP Clinton: Yes, but Hillary won’t give up or take it without “lying” down!
  • AG Lynch: I know!
  • FP Clinton: Well, time to get back on the bus to my hotel and play the back nine holes or “do” something else.

College level professors of Probability and Statistics and their students will be calculating the chances of such a random meeting for the next 50 years. Already, independent mathematics experts have indicated a person has more chance of winning the “Power Ball” jackpot than such a random meeting occurring!

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