Queen Hillary’s Non-Indictment for Mishandling TOP SECRET Material Smells Bad

by on 09/07/16 at 6:17 am

keep saying it Hillary perhaps one day you'll believe it yourself

keep saying it Hillary perhaps one day you’ll believe it yourself

Hillary emails

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

By now everyone in the USA, except the corrupt Democratic Party, knows that Presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Queen Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. After her absolution by FBI Director James Comey, supported by Attorney General (AG) Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama, she has been temporarily let off the proverbial hook. No federal indictment will occur because of Queen Hillary’s using her illegal home basement server for sending/receiving TOP SECRET materials.

The FBI decision not to bring charges against Queen Hillary has hit those civilian federal and contractor employees very hard. These people employed at the CIA, NSA, DIA, and other intelligence agencies took an oath to protect all classified materials in their possession, subject to criminal penalties for violating that trust. At a minimum their security clearance could be revoked and their employment terminated.

A spokeswoman coordinating the response of the 50,000 participating people, at various government agencies, to Queen Hillary’s illegal activities rejected the initial idea of setting up 50,000 basement home servers. Such actions are illegal in accordance with various sections of US Code: Title 18.

These agents of the federal government have acted in a lawful manner to show their displeasure with FBI Director Comey’s decision and Queen Hillary’s unlawful actions of releasing TOP SECRET material. The whole Queen Hillary situation stinks of corruption!

The US Department of State in care of John Kerry; the White House in care of President Obama; Hillary and Bills offices in New York City in care of Hillary Clinton; and the Democratic members of Congress in care of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have all been furnished with over 500,000 packages of super strength SECRET Deodorant (available over-the-counter).

There may be some hope as the US Department of State is reopening their investigation into Queen Hillary’s illegal home server, used to send TOP SECRET data in the clear. The Republican controlled House Oversight Committee is also pushing for an indictment of Queen Hillary for lying to Congress, which FBI Director readily acknowledged!

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