AL Sharpton’s NYC Offices Burglarized

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The police report also mentions 3 bags of Skittles missing.

The police report also mentions 3 bags of Skittles missing.

Attorney Agonquin  J Calhoun's bad check forestalled his law license being issued.

Attorney Agonquin J Calhoun’s bad check forestalled his law license being issued.

New York NY – (

Al Sharpton and a few of his aides returned from a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally to the New York City (NYC) offices of the National Action Network after normal business hours. The offices are housed in a suite in the Blackmore building located in upper Manhattan. They found the smashed office door ajar and the safe burglarized of $3.0 million.

The aides suggested that the New York Police Department (NYPD) be called to report the robbery. Mr. Sharpton said no and to call the BLM Police (local community policing), as advocated by a BLM activist leader to avoid NYC’s finest who are all presumed to be racists.

In about 5 minutes two individuals who identified themselves as the local BLM Police show up and introduce themselves as sergeants Trevon and Beulah Jones. They both were wearing black hoodies with BLM Police stenciled on the backs, black caps with BLM lettering and dark sun glasses. Everyone was amazed at the quick response time, which was attributed to their beat being this particular city neighborhood.

As Mr. Sharpton was explaining the robbery situation to the two BLM Police, who appeared to want to leave ASAP, a NYPD Officer, two detectives (Lenny Biscoe and Ed Greene) and the building’s after hours security monitor Larry Cableguy entered the National Action Network offices. Mr. Al Sharpton asked who called the NYPD 911 operator. I did, said Larry when two suspects appeared on my video screen breaking into the National Action Network offices.

Larry also indicated that these two BLM Police look like the suspects in the video! At this point, Patrolman Jamie Reagan indicated the $3.0 million and some white spray paint cans were found in two gym bags on the first floor by his partner “Eddie” Janko. Everyone could now see the paint on the back of the hoodies was dripping.

Jamie handcuffed the two suspects and everyone then went downtown to book the two suspects, sort out the details and do the paperwork. Mr. Sharpton kept asking when he would get his $3.0 million back. Detectives Briscoe and Greene indicated that the money is evidence and its return would be up to the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Erin Reagan who will be assigned to the case.

Two days latter two Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents, Joe Friday and Bill Gannon, met with Al Sharpton to tell him the NYC ADA’s office has transferred the $3.0 million from the robbery to the IRS. This cash would be used to pay down part of the $5.0 million in back taxes he owes the US government. Al also received a receipt for $3.0 million and a monthly coupon book to pay back the remaining $2.0 million over the next two years.

As the IRS agents left they heard Al screaming for his secretary to get his lawyer Algonquin J. Calhoun on the telephone!

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