Hillary’s Hacked Emails Show Her Involvement in Failed Turkish Coup

by on 24/07/16 at 7:45 pm

Normally Hillary just serves up bullshit.

Normally Hillary just serves up bullshit.

Ankara Turkey – (satireworld.com)

Rumors of US involvement in Turkish affairs have been circulating around Turkey’s capital city following the failed coup by the military to oust Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. US President Barack Obama has been known to stick his nose into other country’s internal politics, e.g. Honduras, Israel, Scotland leaving the UK, Libya and Brexit.

President Erdogan has been in office for 12 years and is slowly moving Turkey towards becoming an Islamic Republic, which may have been the cause of the military coup attempt. The Turkish military has been the guardian of the “separation of State and Mosque” since modern Turkey’s founding after WWI by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The US ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, issued a statement denying any truth to the rumors and conspiracy theories of any US involvement in the coup after Turkish government officials and media speculation. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest echoed the ambassador’s comments.

“It’s all America’s fault,” reiterated Ata Döner a chef at the Ankara 5 Sultans Baklava and Raki Café for having granted safe haven to a Turkish Muslim cleric living in self imposed exile in Pennsylvania. Turkey’s President Erdogan blames this Imam for orchestrating the failed military coup and is demanding Secretary of State (SOS) John Kerry extradite the man to Turkey. SOS Kerry has so far refused!

Meanwhile a series of very sensitive emails has been released by Romanian hacker Guccifer (who breached Hillary Clinton illegal home server) concerning Turkey. The emails were between Hillary, Batur Kebabı the owner of the Washington DC 5 Sultans Baklava and Raki Café and an undercover agent Ata Döner based in Ankara. Hillary’s server was employed as a central communications hub. The emails discussed doing to Turkey what Hillary did to Libya and Muammar Gaddafi, with disastrous results, when she was US Secretary of State.

A woman looking like Hillary’s twin, dressed in a black hood and black cape, was seen many times dining with Batur Kebabı at the Café. Café waiters initially thought she was a Nun, but overheard the two “talking about Turkey!” Other reports have circulated that this same woman was seen on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Occasionally at the cafe they would be joined for a glass of Raki by a teenager, some said he looked like Josh Earnest President Obama’s White House Press Secretary.

Confusing the total picture about the Turkish failed coup is the fact that Hillary presently holds no official US government position and may vanish in November of 2016. She has denied that emails about Turkey had anything to do with a military coup, but only had to do with Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday Turkey dinner arrangements!

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