NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600K Per Year For NOT Appearing on NBC News

by on 27/07/16 at 6:47 am

Chelsea's first job was to keep the camera men supplied with beverages

Chelsea’s first job was to keep the camera men supplied with beverages

New York City, NY – (satireworld.com)

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former-president Bill Clinton and nominated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is earning $600,000 per year from NBC News. Satireworld reports that the former First Daughter has not been on the air for months. At $600,000 per year, that adds up to $200,000 to not do her job as an on-air correspondent.

Apparently, the fact that NBC News has created and produced an entire cable news network (MSNBC) to protect Democrats and the Clintons, just isn’t enough. Another $50,000 a month to the Clinton’s only child sweetens the pot even more.

NBC News defended its decision to pay the daughter of a presidential candidate $600,000 for not appearing on the air as a way to avoid the appearance of “a conflict of interest”

NBC finally owed up to the fact that it hasn’t been truthful with viewers and the lack of Chelsea on air exposure has been an internal decision, and in fact, an open secret within the news organization.
NBC insiders say that Clinton has been paid to stay off the air mainly because she’s not exactly a FOX news girl, or more plainly expressed, “Clinton is a tad too homely to gather the fan base that makes NBC news profitable. Perhaps if we had a segment on zoo animals she’d be a better fit.”

Persistant rumors that Ex-Rose Law Firm partner of Hillary Clinton, Webb Hubbel, is the actual father of Chelsea has followed the Clintons since 1990, when a anonymous letter reached a local Arkansas TV station pointing out the scandal.

In the first two installments where Chelsea covered a series of stories on Bronx garbage collection, NBC costs for a make-up artist exceeded $25,000 per episode for Clinton. Ron Harrison, a make-up artist for movies such as Alien, Godzilla, and The Klumps says the cost of a full facial prosthesis for Chelsea took almost 20 hours to replicate.

“We find it cheaper in the long run to pay her just to stay home!” says news chief Elmer Costler.
NBC News says Chelsea Clinton is now on a month-to-month contract but has not denied the $600,000 per year report and claims she has been working these past four months to produce voice-over content for an upcoming report that will be filmed in a mine shaft with minimal lighting.
Sources say NBC has not ruled out a Halloween Special starring Chelsea.

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