Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party Emails

by on 29/07/16 at 6:02 am

Somewhere the George Bush III left shoe is a bronze plaque that reads....'Kiss my ass Bill Clinton'

Rancher George Bush III (no relation) has spearheaded the construction of South Dakota’s unique tribute to past Democrat presidents. Since Mr. Bush feels most are assholes, he thought the artist’s presentation to be spot on.

To: Bill
From: George Bush III
Subject: Re DNC Convention Invitation
Date: July 29, 2016


I just received an email (fancy that), a tad late, signed by you! I realize a third grade idiot Democratic Party paid staffer, actually wrote the email. But, a former Democratic President, faux or not, (Bill Clinton) did invite me to watch the coronation of his wife Queen Hillary during the Democratic National Committee (DNC) convention in Philadelphia PA. The email extolled about Bill’s wonderful 40 year marriage to Monica, oops Hillary!

For the last three days my wife Emma and I have had to dig up the back yard because the septic system broke down and overflowed, covering everything with muck. Then the horse barns and cow barns had to be mucked out from all the accumulated horse manure and cow pies, respectively. Finally we got to clean the pig poop out of the pig pens.

My apologies to you Bill, as by this time Emma and I were very tired and didn’t want to watch a bunch of shithead Democratic progressive politicians shoveling muck, horse manure and cow pies, and pig poop onto the American people. My two sons are both away in Iraq and Afghanistan for a year and weren’t home to help us work our 50 acre farm. They are overseas using their second amendment rights to allow you lying Democrats to continue to spread your shit in accordance with the first amendment!

I sure hope you didn’t use Hillary’s illegal basement home server, as I don’t particularly want this email to be hacked and then released by WickiLeaks. I might then be called as a witness to explain to the FBI, a Republican Senate investigating committee or a jury about what I knew about Hillary’s illegal, corrupt, lying Clinton Foundation sleazy dealings!

George Bush III (no relation)
Mt. Rushmore SD

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