Hillary Clinton the Robot Electrically Malfunctions Repeatedly

by on 08/08/16 at 6:33 am

Hillary did admit a strong correlation between scotch and short circuited electrical impulses.

Hillary did admit a strong correlation between 3 or 4 neat scotch whiskys and short circuited electrical impulses that caused her balance problems.

"Quick! Get Mrs. Clinton a Kaine!"

“Quick! Get Mrs. Clinton a Kaine!”

Are youi telling me Hillary is just a party girl at heart?

Are you telling me Hillary is just a party girl at heart?

Washington DC- (satireworld.com)

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton arrogantly explained her recent incorrect spin of the FBI investigation into her private email server. She said that I may have “short-circuited” (SIC lied) in her remarks during a television interview when she asserted that FBI director, James B. Comey, had called her statements about her private email server as being truthful.

Hillary the corrupt robotic Obama clone continues to tell new lies about her TOP SECRET email transgressions, again and again. A few ‘electrical’ definitions are necessary to define all of Hillary’s malfunctioning behavior.

  • Short Circuit: Zero resistance between the waste disposal chute and the mouth, bypassing the brain when TOP SECRET emails are mentioned
  • Intermittent Circuit: Treats the USA as just another country like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran, but ladies, African Americans and LGBTQ community members need not worry as apologies will be made for not enslaving or murdering you
  • Passive Circuit: ISIS is a junior varsity team that we’re containing by Ignoring their barbaric behavior to Christian, Jewish and other minority group victims in and out of the Middle East in order not to offend Muslims
  • Reluctance: Treats police as often acting, according to her master, “stupidly” when apprehending criminals, but kisses up to BLM demands to treat criminals/thugs nicely
  • Open Circuit: Infinite resistance between the brain and mouth when proposing free college educations, that an increase in taxes will improve the US economy by removing $1.3 trillion from US citizens pockets and then dump it into liberal rat hole spending
  • Leakage: US taxpayers to pay for abortions, the Clinton foundation, environmentalists and Democratic political corruption
  • Capacitance: More federal government goodies to free loader voters
  • Hysteresis: Further destroy the US energy, farming, and health care sectors etal in order to establish Socialism to solve our nation’s problems, as like in Venezuela USSR, North Korea, Cuba etc
  • No-Load: Lacks leadership ability, poor decision maker, shallow depth on the issues, lies a lot and is useless at 3:00 AM
  • Active Circuit: Hates the first (free speech, freedom of religion) and second (right to own firearms) amendments
  • Impedance/Resistance: US citizens want the federal government out of their lives, but liberal Democrats desire more government intrusion
  • Blackout: Lying about climate change to indict/criminalize people who disagree with the lack of real data to prove the premise via the scientific method
  • Flux: Not necessarily magnetic, but is political Correctness run amok
  • Conductance: Open borders and amnesty for all illegal immigrants including criminals to garner Democratic votes

Hillary has another attribute called the Benghazi Islamic terrorist attack, where a lack of action facilitated a US Department of State ambassador and other US citizens being killed. Then she proclaimed before a Congressional committee “what difference does it make” and lied about the cause to relatives of the slain personnel


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  1. Bargis

    Aug 8th, 2016

    Best one yet PoM!
    Since 1982 almost all of her problems come from not being properly plugged in, and of course, not getting enough juice!

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