Political Correctness and Chicago’s Inner City Schools

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"Remember...... You are NOT a man anymore in New Jersey"

You are NOT a man anymore in New Jersey”

Chicago IL – (satireworld.com)

Todd Starnes of Fox News writes, “If the progressive academic radicals at Princeton University have their way, the New Jersey school will soon be man-free.” The private university wants to eradicate the word “man” from its vocabulary. It’s all part of an effort to get folks to start using “gender inclusive language.”

Staffers at the Ivy League school have been advised to no longer say “man.” Instead, they should use words like “individual,” “person,” or “people.” George Washington and Benjamin Franklin shouldn’t be called our forefathers. Princeton says we should refer to them as our ancestors. Princeton also posted a list of words that are forbidden: businessman, cameraman, chairman, fireman, coed, headmaster, mailman, freshman and salesman.

“These communication guidelines reflect the inclusive culture and policies at Princeton University,” read a statement from the school’s HR department. The “Inner-City” Chicago School Board decided to adapt the guidelines to their particular “word” problems. Check out some of these updated guidelines:

  • It’s “spouses or partners,” not “man and bitch.”
  • It’s “anchor” not “ news pussy”
  • It’s “nurse,” not “fucking nurse.”
  • It’s “office cleaner,” not “fucking cleaning lady.”
  • It’s “prostitute,” not fucking ho.”
  • It’s waiter not “fucking serving bitch.”
  • It’s “person hours” not “bitching man hours.”
  • “Yo fucking mama” is definitely out.
  • “Hey man” is definitely out.

The list of gender neutral, politically correct foolishness goes on and on, but it just might work in Chicago schools. Don’t bet on it!

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  1. Butch

    Aug 25th, 2016

    They will always be broads to me.

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