US Congress Actually Did Something Bipartisan, Really?

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Two opposing legislators fall asleep after participating in the first bipartisan Congressional vote since 1966. Morris Fine (D-NY) and Chester Foon (R-DE) each said it was 'good for them' and hoped their wives don't find out.

Two opposing legislators fall asleep after participating in the first bipartisan Congressional vote since 1966. Morris Fine (D-NY) and Chester Foon (R-DE) each said it was ‘good for them’ and hoped their wives don’t find out.

Washington DC – (

Emergency rooms all over the USA suddenly experienced a huge influx of Coronary Infarction (heart attacks) patients on September 29, 2016.

The cause appeared to be that the US Congress (Republicans and Democrats) had overridden President Barack Obama’s veto of a bill passed by Congress. The legislation would allow victims and their relatives of the 9/11/2001 attacks against the USA to bring lawsuits against the government of Saudi Arabia for damages. Most of the attackers were Saudi nationals, but it has not been proven that the Saudi Royal Family was involved with planning and funding the attacks.

In accordance with the US Constitution, a two thirds vote in both Houses of Congress is required to override a presidential veto. The actual vote in the House was 348 to 77 and in the Senate was 97 to 1.

President Obama claims the legislation will hurt the USA by allowing other foreign countries to sue the USA. However, many Americans believe Obama is protecting Saudi money derived from OPEC selling oil to the USA! Under the guise of protecting the environment Obama (Hillary too) wants to curtail Fracking for oil and natural gas, once again allowing OPEC to jack up the cost (rape at the pumps) per barrel of oil sold to the US. President Obama has already destroyed the coal industry, promised nuclear powered electric generating plants but blocks their construction. He still believes pie in the sky wind and solar power can power the USA, regardless of the facts.

Don’t bet the farm on any continued cooperation between Congressional Republicans and Democrats on any major US issues next year in the 115th Congress. The Republicans in the 114th Republican controlled Congress played possum (dead) to Obama’s left wing agenda, e.g. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) were actually in charge.

Congressional Republicans did little or nothing about the Obama shadow government within the Executive Branch (presidential overreach) acting like Congress and promulgating illegal executive orders/mandates, thus going around Congress. Some examples: 1) nuclear agreement with Iran, the UN climate change agreement and the UN small arms agreement; 2) transgender executive orders about restroom and other facilities; 3) Department of Justice (DOJ) playing the race card against police in Ferguson MO, Baltimore MD and elsewhere; 4) DOJ Fast and Furious fiasco; 5) Obama’s open borders violating US immigration laws, admitting poorly vetted Syrian refugees (ISIS members hiding within the émigrés); 6) reneging on Syrian and Ukrainian red-lines; 7) pulling US troops out of Iraq too soon facilitating the creation of ISIS and then calling ISIS a JV team; 8) ruining the coal, oil, nuclear and other energy sources in a premature quest for green energy; 9) global warming/climate change and ObamaCare hoaxes; 10) calling for gun control in places where no gun problems exists, yet ignoring skyrocketing Chicago IL black on black murder rates employing illegal guns; 11) ignoring fixing the Veterans Administration health care system; 12) scandals such as IRS targeting conservatives, government spying on the American people, Obama siphoning-off returned funds slated for the Treasury Department to use as a slush fund for his left wing causes, Benghazi Libya Islamic terrorist attack and subsequent cover-up, SOS Hillary Clinton’s illegal home server transferring TOP SECRET materials and the subsequent DOJ cover-up, crooked Hillary’s Clinton Foundation money laundering, Hillary’s foreign country influence peddling and then lying to the FBI and Congress; 13) US allies and friends have no respect for Obama; 14 ) a president who won’t say Islamic terrorism; and 15) a Democratic president that intrudes in the everyday lives and wallets of all Americans via excessive spending and regulations!

If Republican Congressional leaders were a baseball team they would be in the “Bush League” (pun intended)!

Authors’ Note: So what else is new, you may ask, as King Obama has been doing these unconstitutional and unlawful things for almost eight years? However this is the USA, a Constitutional Republic of laws not a third world dictatorial banana republic! We all know the story of the frog placed in slowly warmer and warmer water, yet no real action has been taken by Congress to thwart Obama’s actions. The “Lunch Lady” Michelle is growing the banana trees in her garden, as we speak!

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