Federal Government Yard Sale, Everything Must Go

by on 25/10/16 at 6:48 am

Cheap prices!

Cheap prices!

Washington DC – (SatireWorld.com)

A Marxist couple named Obama currently renting an old White House along Pennsylvania Avenue have been told by the Real Estate Agent (Uncle Sam) that they must vacate the premises by Mid-January of next year. The property owners (American people) demand the current tenants leave in accordance with sections of a 240 year old Constitutional lease agreement. The new tenants will be identified in due course by the property owners!

The current tenants have decided to hold a yard sale, where everything must go. However, no items, antiques etc originally in the house may be taken or sold. Several years ago a couple named Clinton was caught removing dinnerware and having sex in the house (but not with each other)!

The one day yard sale will be held on January 19, 2017 beginning at 0900 until 1700 on the front lawn. There will be helpful, knowledgeable sales agents in dark suits, sunglasses and bulging jackets to aid prudent shoppers. The list of available items is as follows, but is sold as is:

  • 25 very used POTUS TelePrompTers in fairly good condition
  • 10 sets of FLOTUS gardening tools, only used for photo Ops
  • Boxes and boxes of uneaten public school lunches
  • 20 Boxes of unused Red Lines
  • 1,000 illegal unconstitutional Executive Orders
  • 1,500 unnecessary federal regulations
  • 35,000 of Hillary’s non-existent emails
  • 100 sets of very used butt armor, for leading from behind
  • 1 broken ObamaCare health insurance program
  • 1 broken illegal immigration system
  • 1 broken Veterans Administration (VA)
  • 10,000 Syrian Refugees
  • 10 cases of Race Cards
  • 100 non-working smart guns
  • 10 “Cash for Clunker” automobiles (pay to tow)
  • 150 ISIS “Junior Varsity” jerseys
  • 100 “Arab Spring” Tee shirts
  • There is also so much more stuff

There will also be Marine one Helicopter rides for the kiddies, but having the helicopter as a door prize was ruled out by the General Services Administration GSA).

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