Another March on Washington DC Planned

by on 29/10/16 at 7:57 am

Obama's sister Madge plans to march and show off her boobs down Pennsylvania Ave

Obama’s sister Madge Oboto plans to march and show off her boobs down Pennsylvania Ave. She claims her boobs are bigger than her brother’s.

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At the White House breakfast table President Obama was reading the Sports Section of USA Today (golf news), while First Dog Bo got the International News section to use as his indoor potty patch.

FLOTUS Michelle was reading a news article about 400 women and some men in Barrington RI donning yoga pants and staging a Yoga Pants Parade. They marched outside the home of a man (who said he was joking) whose letter to the Barrington Times criticized “mature” women for the “disturbing” fashion trend of wearing Yoga pants.

Chuckling, Michelle brought it to the president’s attention that it was no one’s business how women dressed. The president replied that in theory Michelle was correct, until a 300 pound woman was seen on a beach wearing a string Bikini!

A female kitchen steward overheard the president’s remark and called the chairwoman of a “Topless Rights” organization, Bare Boobs Ladies Matter (BBLM), relating the White House breakfast conversation. The chairwomen indicated that organizing for a million topless women marchers will be undertaken immediately for a parade sometime in late November 2016, but definitely before President Obama leaves office. The route will be down Pennsylvania Avenue to Lafayette Square terminating in front of the White House.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have been suggested as prospective grand marshals. There will be an entrance fee of $10.00, with all money raised going to fight breast cancer!

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