President-Elect Donald Trump’s Updated Political Lexicon

by on 27/11/16 at 7:55 pm

'I know it's in here somewhere'

‘I know it’s in here somewhere’

New York NY – (

Republican President-Elect Donald Trump has commissioned a new dictionary for words from A to Z entitled Trumpapedia that removes the liberal/progressive nonsensical spin experienced during the Obama years. Here is a partial list:

Black Lives Matter: A chain of veterinarian health services that protect black pussies, such as panthers and any other black felines.

Constitution: The over 200 year old US Constitution that protects US citizens and states from unlawful federal government overreach.

Crooked Pathological Liar: Hillary Clinton.

Culture Appropriation/Appreciation: The celebration of diversity, whereby an American of Italian heritage can dine on Kosher Chinese food without being harassed by a bunch of dumb college students.

Kindergarten: Where whiny college students can go to be safe, get coloring books, Binkies, eat paste and get mommy hugs without affecting other hard working college students.

Micro-Aggressor: That pint sized putz dictator in North Korea, who should have been severely dealt with by three USA presidents, China and Japan and before he makes a mistake that does something bad in the world with nuclear weapons. Also applies to the Mullahs in Iran!

Misogynist: Former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

ObamaCare: No such word!

Racist: A man or woman who drives race cars or races horses for a living!

Race Card: A schedule of racing events.

Sore Losers: Sore loser hypocrites Hillary and Bill Clinton try to steal the results of the 2016 presidential election that they would accept, when they perceived Democrats winning.

Safe Spaces: A bank vault where safe deposit boxes are kept for people to store valuable and private items.

Trigger Words: Whoa, Whoa what Roy Rogers says to Trigger when he wants his horse to slow down!

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