Washington DC Metro to be Renamed Washington DC Obama

by on 23/12/16 at 4:53 pm

This explains it all.....

This explains it all…..

Washington DC- (SatireWorld.com)

The Washington DC City Council has proposed renaming the Washington DC METRO the Washington DC OBAMA after the 44th president, who has derailed democracy in the USA for eight years. Currently the METRO suffers from mismanagement; plagued by breakdowns, failures, accidents and fires; loss of ridership; and fare increases. Long term maintenance has also been dismal, leading to line shutdowns and cutbacks in commuter service. The new logo OBAMA is deemed applicable to the various rail line connections because:

  • Red Line: Commemorates Obama’s reneging on the Syrian Governments use of chemical weapons in its civil war
  • Blue Line: Commemorates Obama being a feckless Democrat
  • Yellow Line: Commemorates Obama’s foreign policy failures with Russia, Iran, ISIS, in the Middle East, China, North Korea, Japan, Cuba, South America, Western Europe and illegal immigration
  • Green Line: Commemorates Obama’s dumping funds into the Climate Change Hoax rat hole
  • Orange Line: Commemorates Obama’s EPA causing the Colorado Animus River mine tailings spill, while denying blame
  • White Line: There is none.

The US Congress, Maryland and Virginia politicians and various Transit Boards and Committees have not been consulted as yet. The majority of the 115th Republican controlled Congress would probably agree, provided Washington DC pays for all the operation and maintenance of the OBAMA from their own locally generated tax revenues!

3 Responses to “Washington DC Metro to be Renamed Washington DC Obama”

  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Dec 24th, 2016

    Obama’s legacy is a US train wreck!

  2. Irina Baranova

    Aug 25th, 2017

    Unfortunately Mr. Obama has other plans. Metro will be renamed as Trump DC, he loves to put his name anywhere he can. Obama served his presidency for 8 years and did great job. He ll be happy to see if Trump can do better.

  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 26th, 2017

    Ms. Irina:

    I understand you are planning to vote for Queen Hillary in the general election of November 7, 2017; oops your’e a little late, she lost last year!

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