Putin, Oreos, Capitalism and the West

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Vladimir striking a manly pose that sent chills through Hillary's body.

Vladimir striking a manly pose that sent chills through Hillary’s body.

...Yes, much has changed in East-West perceptions during the last 30-some years.

…Yes, much has changed in East-West perceptions during the last 30-some years.

Moscow – (satireworld.com)

Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation seems to have a hard-on for the west, particularly the USA, when it comes to establishing better international relations. Republican President Donald Trump is trying to ease tensions in his first six months in office. However, former Democratic President Obama left the new administration several “burning political paper bags full of issues laden Muck!”

The previous Obama Democratic administration’s Secretary of State (SOS) Hillary Clinton and her gang of State Department fools (John Kerry was no better) had no clue as to Russian history and how Russians think. Simply put they should have asked former Republican President George W Bush’s SOS Condoleezza Rice!

Hillary tried to make peace with President Putin by pushing a red button, together with the Russian Ambassador to the US, with the Russian word “RESET!” So Hillary thought, but the word actually translated to “FIRE.” Now the Russians, Czars and Communists alike, have always been leery of outside attacks from the west on Mother Russia, e.g. Napoleon (1812) and Hitler (1941).

Since the Russians had been reading Hillary’s TOP SECRET emails on her unprotected home server, they knew that the Americans were working on a wireless ICBM launch button that former President Obama could carry in his golf bag while playing 18 holes.

The Russian Ambassador, pretending to go to the Men’s Room, made a quick cell phone call to Moscow to assure himself it was just a language translation problem not an ICBM attack!

However President Putin was not impressed, as his dispute with the USA goes back to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Putin’s forbears were bakers by royal decree to the Russian Czars, but had opened a chain of capitalistic bakeshops in Moscow and St Petersburg. A newly created hit product was crème filling between two chocolate cookies called a “Crudnick” (not a good translation from Russian).

The new confection was named after the family’s political association, the Crudnick Party. When the Russian Revolution occurred the Czars and capitalism were swept out of the country with the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, and Trotskyites toppling Alexander Kerensky’s Provisional Government. (The Crudnick Political Party was lost to history.)

An attempt was made to keep the “Crudnick” alive by baking a crème filling between two red cinnamon cookies called a “Soviet Revolutionary Cookie”, but failed, because it reminded the Bolsheviks of the White Russians. (President Putin’s history with the USSR is well known!)

Americans and other foreign nationals soon descended on the emerging USSR after the revolution. The Putin family considered immigrating to the USA. Some Russian watchers believe that President Putin is still upset that his Russian forebears invented the Oreo Cookie, popular in the USA and around the world. However, the Oreo Cookie was invented by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) in 1912 at its Chelsea, Manhattan NY facilities! The US Patent Office frowned upon the later Russian 1918 patent application!

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  1. Irina

    Aug 24th, 2017

    I was born in Russia and came to USA in 1997 at age 20. My sugar daddy in Russia, Sochi had best restoraunt w swimming pool and private Black Sea beach. Putin loves Sochi and he loves to have a good time! He got little bit older since I saw him last in 1996( he wasn’t president yet, We had Yeltsin and he drank like a fish. He often come to Sochi to relax) Putin knows how to make lady happy. One night stand but hell it worst it

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