Pentagon Recalls Past Korean Combat Veterans To Counter North Korean Threats

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Cpl Klinger says he's still a crack shot with his M-1

Inductee Corporal Klinger, age 79, says he’ll feel right at home in today’s non-sexual orientated Army. He says he’s still a crack shot with his M-1 rifle.

DPRK leader Kim Jong Un plans to trick the 'running dog GI's' with fake food suspended over hidden mines.

DPRK leader Kim Jong Un plans to trick the ‘running dog GI’s’ with fake food suspended over hidden mines.

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The manpower pinch coupled with the effects of the sequester is straining Army fitness and readiness standards. Two major conflicts in the last 18 years, and a renewed North Korean threat, has forced the Pentagon’s top brass to re-think ways to fill the ranks of front line defenses with highly trained soldiers.

One solution is to recall service members with prior experience in the Korean theater.

“We need experienced boots on the ground!” Says Major General Troy Wickerwork head of SOTCOM Command in Asia. “There’s plenty of retired troopers with rifle experience and a lot of time on their hands.”

Corporal Max Klinger says he’s ready to ‘serve without a swerve’ as he rolled up his long sleeved dress to receive the first of many inoculations at forward base Bravo 19.
Klinger, age 79, served for three years as a supply sergeant for a portable trauma hospital once referred to as a ‘MASH unit,’ before returning to Toledo Ohio where he operated a successful chain of woman’s ready-to-wear shops. He retired in 1986, but is glad he can serve his country again. He says he’s looking forward to seeing his buddy Radar O’Reilly and Captain Hawkeye Pierce.

Once disbanded at the end of the Korean conflict, the 4077th MASH unit has been re-activated and is being re-fitted at forward base Bravo 19 in South Korea. New tents. New kitchen. New helicopters. Have all been readied and tested. Personnel have been streaming in to fill critical roles such as company commander, head of nursing, head of surgery, and of course hundreds of support roles needed to give a MASH unit a head start in case of a combat role in the event North Korea goes over the edge into full-scale war.

Others have heard the call and have volunteered to serve as infantrymen in Korea. Bazooka Joe reported to Camp Pendleton last week along with a real vintage WWII bazooka. Sargent Bilko notified the Pentagon that he’ll report as soon as he takes care of ‘a little scrape he’s in,’ and Company A bugler Robert Prewitt landed at Hawaii’s Schofield barracks along with Sargent ‘Fatso’ Judsen.

Vietnam vets also have shown an interest by joining a company headed up by Colonel Kurtz, a former Special Forces member, as well as, B.A. Baracus and John Rambo.

The Marines say they’ve picked up Lance Corporal Gomer Pyle to round out a mortar team scheduled to take its place at the DMZ in the next couple of days.

Possibly the oldest to volunteer for the Army is Col. Ashley Wilkes, son of a Georgia plantation owner, who claims to be 165 years old and a veteran of the Civil War.

Interested veterans with past military experience who want to volunteer can call…1-800-555-2121 extension 1289.

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