HBO’s Bill Maher Declared ‘Historic Asshole’ By Preservation Group

by on 27/08/17 at 3:00 pm

After watching him a few minutes on his show, he sorta reminds of that nerdy guy in high school gym class that was forced to someone's  sweaty jockstrap over his head.

After watching him a few minutes on his HBO show, he sorta reminds people of that nerdy guy in high school gym class that was forced to someone’s sweaty jockstrap over his head.

New York, NY – (

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that President Trump is engaging in dehumanization of the media in a manner that is comparable to Rwanda and Nazi Germany. The remarks came right on cue after similar scripted statements were broadcast by CNN, MSNBC, and by George Stefanopolous on ABC.

“Whenever you have a political opinion by the right it is almost always portrayed as a symbol of Nazism or some other backhanded slur of leftist nonsense,” says Deborah Cole, head of the American History Preservation Society, a Washington DC non-profit organization.

Recent demands for the removal of historical items such as statues, religious items, and national monuments where bronze and stone figures of controversial Americans have been preserved have shoved scores of leftist-loonies to the brink of near hysteria. In the past week there have been cries of outrage and support for the whiners by shills like Maher to tear down statues of Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington, as well as, Disney and the removal of certain celebrities plagues from the Hollywood Walk of Stars.

Cole has suggested adding a plague of sorts honoring Bill Maher as a Rightful and Historic Asshole.

We at SatireWorld support it and will chip in to pay for it and maybe shut this loudmouth jackass up.

The madness goes on and the insane promote the agenda of the crazies.

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