The USA Experiences a Toilet Paper Shortage?

by on 16/10/17 at 8:02 am

According to socialists like Barry O....Shortages are from people using too much toilet paper and new regulations must be put in place to govern  all uses and purchases.

According to socialists like Barry O….Shortages are from people using too much toilet paper and new regulations must be put in place to govern all uses and purchases.

If there wasn't so much B-S from the left, there wouldn't be a TP shortage!

If there wasn’t so much B-S from the left, there wouldn’t be a TP shortage!

Washington DC – (

Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) and Senator Bernie “Democratic Socialism” Sander’s (I-VT) are lobbying Congress to pass a single payer (US government) healthcare plan. President Trump and the Republicans in Congress are against this socialized medicine scheme, estimated to cost between $32 to $36 trillion over 10 years. The plan would add more money to the existing $20 trillion national debt, bankrupt the US Treasury because of a lack of revenue without any tax increases, and would provide only mediocre healthcare services.

At the same time Republican President Trump desires to scrap Obama’s Iran Nuclear Agreement; allow health insurance to be bought across state lines, including non-Obamacare health insurance policies and eliminating insurance company subsidies; and dismantling Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CCFPB).

Congressional Republicans and Democrats compromised by agreeing to the president’s stated demands. Also, there will be a simple test case of a Democratically managed, single payer toilet paper procurement, with the product sold at only government distribution exchanges.

Five Democratic Washington Interim Paper Exchange (WIPE) Committee members were chosen to manage the program, but to avoid any conflict of interest the members are not current US government officials. The WIPE members are: Race Hustler Al Sharpton, former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), former SOS Hillary Clinton and former SOS John Kerry. (Former President Barack Obama was excluded, because of scheduled golf engagements.) Brief statements of concerns of the WIPE committee members were voiced at the first meeting.

  • Al Sharpton: Black toilet paper will be implemented and White Poplar will not be used
  • Michelle Obama: Inspection trips via Boeing 747’s necessary to all parts of the world to look at trees
  • Barbara Boxer: We won’t use US trees, specifically White Spruce from Berkeley California
  • Hillary Clinton: The Clinton Foundation will buy Russian trees, as we know all the Uranium buyers
  •  John Kerry: I will negotiate a US Russian Tree Agreement, just like the missile treaty they violated

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that a roll of Democrat procured Venezuela-style toilet paper would cost $40.00!

President Donald Trump woke up screaming from a nightmare! The Secret Service detail and FLOTUS Melania calmed the Chief Executive down, who uttered as he fell back to sleep; “Democrats have never learned how to efficiently manage US taxpayer money and never held any real jobs that produce things!”

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