Scientists Reveal…Ice Berg That Sank The HMS Titanic In 1912 Has Finally Melted.

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Yeah, in its day it was huge!

Yeah, in its day it was huge!

Ice berg K-934222 on its way to a museum.

Ice berg K-954232 on its way to a museum.

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Nova Scotia, Canada (

The iceberg that sank the Titanic was thought to be 100,000 years old, according to scientists who traced the origins of the once colossal lump of glacial ice. The ice berg was given a number (K-95432) and was tracked by NOAA since its discovery back in 1911 though it was only in the past several months did the notoriety of K-95432 surface surprising NOAA scientists.

The confirmation of the Titanic and K-95432 iceberg connection was uncovered after researchers crosschecked data on ocean currents and witness descriptions from 1912.

Having spent time carefully tracing the iceberg, scientists now believe it originated from snow which fell more than 100,000 years ago, and formed glaciers south-west of Greenland. The million ton-plus chuck broke from a glacier sometime in 1908 and drifted southward where it was hit by the HMS Titanic on its maiden voyage from Ireland. The ship sank taking almost 1,500 lives.

The last vestiges of the million ton ice berg was scooped up and placed in a 15-gallon cooler for freezing. It will be on display at the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC.

Captain Victor Sales, the skipper of the research ship US Thornberry who tracked the remains of K-95432 revealed that a portion of the ice berg was cut up and used in the crew’s before dinner cocktails celebrating the find and eventual capture of an important historical artifact.

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