Hillary Clinton Takes a Polygraph Test

by on 10/11/17 at 12:36 pm

A women so despicable she'll do and say anything simply because she thinks you're an idiot and can't figure out things for yourself.

A women so despicable she’ll do and say anything simply because she thinks you’re an idiot and can’t figure out things for yourself.

I suggest they use this chair and when she lies a red light goes on and then, well, you know....65,000 volts!

I suggest they use this chair and when she lies a red light goes on and then, well, you know….65,000 volts!

Washington DC-(satireworld.com)

Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Donna Brazile has released excepts from her forthcoming book entitled “Hacks.” Donna exposed the sins of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party hierarchy during the 2016 Presidential election cycle.

The excepts from Donna’s book include: 1) Hillary Clinton essentially controlling the entire dysfunctional Democratic Party, as part of a deal signed between the Clinton campaign and the DNC, including staffing, finances and the use of the Victory Fund. 2)The Democratic Party amassed $25 million in debt during the Obama years. This debt was paid off primarily by the Clinton campaign and an emergency $2 million loan. 3) The Democratic Party configuration was not normal under the deal between the DNC and the Clinton campaign. 4) Then DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz drove the party into debt and few people inside the Democratic Party were privy to inner-party decisions. DWS also let the Clinton campaign in Brooklyn NY essentially run the party, while she spent lots of funds on consultants etc. 5) Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was crowded out by phony Democratic Party polls.

The questionable legality of the previous Hillary Clinton-DNC revelations, including investigation into Hillary’s involvement in the nefarious Trump Russian Dossier is required, adds to Hillary’s: Benghazi Libya Islamic terrorist attack and lying cover up story about an anti-Muslim video; the TOP SECRET materials found on Secretary of State (SOS) Hillary Clinton’s illegal unclassified home computer/server and the missing destroyed emails; and the corrupt, treasonous (violates national security) deal of selling 20% of the USA’s Uranium to the Russians for kickbacks/bribes via donations to the Clinton Foundation

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News and the New York Times media reporters descended on Hillary’s home in Chappaqua NY, where an informal press conference was held on the porch over milk and her home baked cookies. Hillary, with a big smirk on her face, indicated she would take no questions now about the latest scandals, but startled reporters by saying she would take a Polygraph (Lie Detector) Test performed on national television to prove her innocence of any wrongdoing.

The Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium (Nationals Park) was chosen for the site of the Polygraph Test, employing a Polygraph Machine, a certified Polygraph Operator and multiple neutral observers. The machine was to be located at second base, surrounded by foreign (world-wide) and domestic television, radio and press coverage crews!

The day of the Polygraph Test, Nationals Park was filled to its maximum seating capacity (41,418 people). The Gate receipts all going to the Clinton Foundation for later distribution to Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico, just like five years ago in Haiti!

Hillary entered the stadium through the players entrance, following a pass through a metal detector and a drug/alcohol test examination. Brass tacks had been removed from sober Hillary’s shoes, as well as a magnetic field generator/electrical stimulator from her pantsuit.

She was greeted with mild applause from the crowd and walked to a chair located at second base, facing away from the Polygraph Operator, where the Polygraph Machine sensors were attached to measure her respiration rate, blood pressure and other vital signs.

The Polygraph Test questions were taken from a list submitted by Republican and Democratic Politicians, various Media reporters and ordinary Americans. The questions being based on Hillary’s political history and alleged scandals, beginning with the 2008 Presidential Election of Democrat Barack Obama, through the 2016 Presidential Election of Republican Donald Trump, as summarized above.

The entire stadium crowd was hushed, except for the munching of Hillary provided Tacos, the Polygraph Operator asked the first question “Is your real name Hillary Rodham Clinton?”

Before Hillary could answer the sky suddenly turned black with clouds, thunder and lightning, rain and hail the size of baseballs pelted the 41,000 people in their seats. The infield, including second base, turned to a sea of mud inundating the Polygraph Machine, the communications and broadcasting equipment! People ran for the exits to their cars and quickly departed Nationals Park!

A soaking wet Hillary was last to leave the stadium escorted by her Secret Service Protective Detail, the storm dissipated in minutes and the Sun shone brightly. Was this violent storm an omen that judgement was to be rendered by a higher power, dark forces or a prelude to justice being meted out by the US Federal Court System, e.g. ultimately the Trump appointed Supreme Court Justices?

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