They Came from Outer Space

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UFO hovering over upstate New York on possible descent to drop off Hillary Clinton.

UFO hovering over upstate New York on possible descent to drop off Hillary Clinton.

Washington DC – (

Former Secretary of State (SOS) Hillary Clinton’s classified TOP SECRET emails sent/received from an illegal, unsecured email server in the basement of her home in Chappaqua NY have been in the news since 2014 (within President Obama’s second term)!

The American public knows the emails had to do with the Benghazi Libya Islamic terrorist attack on the US Consulate and subsequent cover-up; and slimy dealings with the Russians about quietly acquiring US Uranium for payoffs to the Clinton Foundation. However, a new set of incriminating SUPER TOP SECRET emails has been found on Senator Al “Handsy” Franken’s (D-MN) Personal Computer, buried in his back yard in a plastic supermarket bag.

These classified emails tell a story about deep space signals acquired by NASA and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) from a group of Extraterrestrial life forms (ETs) on their way to visit Earth. These ETs described their origins and evolution on their home world (like Earth) into meat eating, sentient, thinking beings with feelings. A quiet unobservable meeting place was set up in a Kansas cornfield for mid-2015.

The small list of attendees would be President Obama (would unobtrusively slip away without being missed during one of his golfing vacations), SOS Clinton, Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture, a PETA representative, a Vegan organization representative, Junior Senator Al Franken to take notes, a small military honor guard contingent and the president’s Secret Service Detail.

A flying saucer shaped object described as looking like a giant scallop squash landed in the field and walking, fruit trees, ears of corn, okra, string beans, egg plants and celery stalks disembarked. They also spoke several Earth languages!

At this point Al Franken’s unearthed emails are silent, except to mention that everyone was visibly shaken up about Earth’s civilization as we know it possibly ending, specifically the PETA and Vegan Organization representatives. Oh yes, one other email announced a giant vegetarian barbeque (not catered by Michelle) to be held at the Obama White House after his golfing vacation ends!

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Dec 3rd, 2017

    There is intelligent life in outer space!
    Then why do the UFO’s not land on the Earth?
    As I said, there is intelligent life in outer space!

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