DNC to Introduce the Almost All-New 2018 Pelosi

by on 18/12/17 at 8:33 am

 The Pelosi-moblie will integrate illegal alien powered transportation and relist illegal immigration as a 'renewable fuel source.' " "Red-State Red color schemes  will make new car sales efforts easier in typical Trump States," according to car expert Democrat Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Reportedly, The Biden’ will integrate a primary illegal alien powered ‘drive system’ and will allow the relisting of current illegal immigration as a ‘renewable fuel source.’

“Red-State Red color schemes will make new car sales efforts easier in typical Trump States,” according to car expert Democrat Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Detroit MI- (satireworld.com)

Democratic National Cars (DNC) announced their new line-up of blue automobiles for 2018, commencing with the re-engineered 2018 Pelosi to be manufactured in the USA.

DNC executives have noticed that American car buyers are interested in purchasing modern automobiles made by US workers who receive good salaries, paying for these new cars with their tax refunds and protecting the environment without draconian job killing government regulations. The other major car company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is trumping DNC’s product line by being in touch with car buyers about these critical issues. DNC executives are seeing red!

The 2018 DNC Pelosi will get a complete body makeover and rust proofing encompassing: 1958 style tail fins and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bug-eye headlamps; a large air scoop radiator grill (looks like a Big Mouth Bass); fewer control computers to minimize memory loss; no horn; and a 400 Horsepower V12 engine running on plentiful renewable, liquid, organic energy.

DNC has always been good at promising “Horse Manure” to their customers, but the company is planning to expand available horse breeding facilities in Maryland, Kentucky and specifically California, then liquifying and deodorizing this natural product at co-located refining facilities. Existing infrastructure oil pipelines, tanker trucks and fueling facilities (gas stations) would be utilized. One pump is to be set aside for the new motor fuel designated HM 1, replacing the ethanol/gasoline mix.

DNC has high hopes that if the Pelosi endeavor is successful, their flagship automobile the Biden might also be in for a modern makeover (retread) by November of 2020!

DNC stock value dropped on the NYSE, but feed grain futures (oats, corn, fodder) traded higher on the Chicago Commodities Exchange. Additionally, the 2018 Pelosi may even qualify to star in the next movie Cars 4 and win an Oscar due to Hollywood supporters.

Market watchers at Engine Week Magazine predict that the 2018 Pelosi would probably join the Ford Edsel, Serbian Hugo, Deplorable Hillary and the former East German’s toxic Trabant in fine US junkyards near you in 2019!

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