Senator Bernie Sanders Infrastructure Plan Uncovered

by on 13/01/18 at 7:19 am

Bernie wants to give federal dollars to artists to  spruce up interstate highway tunnels with artwork..."It will bring some happy driving memories for families," claim supporters.

Bernie wants to give federal dollars to artists to
spruce up interstate highway tunnels with artwork…”It will bring some happy driving memories for families,” claim supporters.

Washington DC – (

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Infrastructure Plan has been leaked to the Main Stream Media. An astute freelance reporter named Phil broke the story prior to the legislation being introduced into the US House and senate.

In search of a scoop, Phil had been staking out former President Barack Obama’s new $8.1 Manson in the Kalorama neighborhood, an exclusive and wealthy enclave that is home to many politicians and diplomats!
Phil disguised as a homeless person (wearing an Army jacket) loitered near the back entrance to Obama’s new home. Thinking he was looking for food the servants gave him some of Michelle Obama’s left-over Public-School lunch meals.

A Secret Service agent then grabbed Phil, but seeing his Army Jacket felt sorry for him and disposed of the expired school lunches in a trash can. The agent gave Phil some Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and took him inside a small Guard Shelter to warm up (it has been 1-degree Fahrenheit for a few days)! The Secret Service agent indicated there was not much action around here as Michelle’s Public-School lunch meals kept vagrants away.

As Phil warmed up he noticed (around midnight) a small balding man carrying a briefcase enter the back door, who he recognizing as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). About two hours later the senator emerged, leaving a white bag near the Guard Shelter and headed toward an awaiting automobile. Phil said thanks and good night to the agent and picked up the white bag.

Back at his hotel Phil saw the white bag had “BURN BAG” stenciled on its side. The bag was filled with UNCLASSIFIED, but shredded paper. By dawn Phil had reconstructed the Sanders-Obama Infrastructure Plan, designated The Venezuela Plan (B.S.-1).

The mandated Venezuela Plan was scheduled to be presented to a joint session of Congress ASAP. This full employment plan would be executed in three overlapping phases utilizing US skilled and unskilled workers, illegal immigrants (no need for a border wall) and conscripted labor. The expected completion date being Tuesday November 3, 2020 (just like ObamaCare phony time estimates). Congress would be asked to appropriate $50 trillion (added to the National Debt) to presumably finance the entire project. Plan highlights are as follows:

  • Phase 1, Road and Bridge Construction: All US old and new roads/bridges will undergo reversal of lane direction, including Interstate highways (entrances and exits too) as citizens will be forced to drive on the left side of the highway like in the UK. Road roundabouts (circles) will go clockwise; traffic lights will be moved across streets, where possible; left Turns on Red will now be permitted; road signs moved, where possible; and all painted directions and lines on road surfaces will be in red!
  • Phase 2, Automobile Manufacturing: New gasoline and Diesel powered, cars, trucks and farm equipment vehicle manufacturing will stop. Only electric propulsion vehicles like the Chevy Volt or Tesla automobiles or motor/steering conversions of other existing equipment (buses, farm equipment) to electricity will be permitted (airplanes to be initially excluded for public safety concerns). The goal is to have 600 million or more electric powered vehicles (steering wheel on the right side) on US roads by the Fall of 2020.
  • Phase 3, Electrical Power Generation: The electric power grid will be upgraded with solar panels and wind powered electrical generators to go from the current 8% to 100% by the Fall of 2020. Every mountain, hill, roof, desert area and even farm land will be covered with solar panels or wind turbines to power all the electric cars. Charging stations will be located on every city street corner. Natural gas, coal and nuclear power plants will be shuttered, and the age of electric transportation (commercial, industrial, pleasure) will begin.

In 2020 Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will not be elected the 46th POTUS (along with his vice president candidate Oprah) and the USA will not declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy! Republican President Trump will be reelected. The reason, all Congressional Democrats aren’t stupid enough to believe Senator Sander’s goofy fairy tale plan, that is now residing in a Congressional Committee file drawer or the bottom of a birdcage!

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