Sources of Greenhouse Gases Identified

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One example of atmospheric pollution

One example of atmospheric methane pollution put to good use!

Several local boys offered to gas up Nancy Pelosi's car .....

Several local boys offered to gas up Nancy Pelosi’s car …..

Hawthorne CA – (

Space X CEO Elon Musk announced that the Falcon Heavy rocket was launched successfully on February 8, 2018 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This giant vehicle boosted a payload of his cherry-red Tesla sports car, although it could easily boost up to 24 metric tons into an Earth orbit.

This first rocket test also carried a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite, BUTT SNIFFER I into Earth orbit. This satellite will track greenhouse gasses, that supposedly cause climate change. The Infrared to Ultraviolet sensors and spectrum analyzers can detect all the gasses from space, e.g. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) etc.

China, India and the USA have been identified as the primary sources of greenhouse gasses, but specific emitters have not been localized, yet. Speculation is that Industrial plants, power plants, cows and other domestic animals, trees, coal mines, natural gas fracking, human waste digesters, sewer plants, and decaying vegetation cause these greenhouse gasses.

Specifically, BUTT SNIFFER I looked for sources of Methane gas which is supposedly more potent than carbon Dioxide. As of today, only 10 days of data has been gathered, processed and analyzed. Preliminary findings show that:

1. 20 million Polar Bears inhabit colder regions of North America (Canada and the USA)
2. 50 million cows reside in North and South America
3. 60 million Indian Elephants reside in India
4. 100 million Panda’s have made a giant comeback from extinction in China

It has also been observed from space that: animals (wild and domestic) have developed cloaking devices to ward off predators; the almost 6 billion humans that inhabit Earth add their own Methane signature to the planet; a large blob of hot air is seen dispersing from Washington DC on federal holidays; and when BUTT SNIFFER II is placed in Earth orbit, later this year, the number of Koala Bears in Australia, Penguins in Antarctica and African Elephants, Hippos and Rhinos etc will be counted!

Phone calls from NOAA to PETA Headquarters have not been returned!

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