Three Geopolitical Events Occurred this Week

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....probably the most offense thing about Loony Maxine is her cheap wig.

….probably the most offense thing about Loony Maxine is her cheap wig.

In 2012, John McCain presented Maxine with the US Senates highest honor.

In 2012, John McCain presented Maxine with the US Senates
highest honor.

Washington DC- (

Republican President Donald Trump had an interesting week in the Nation’s Capital including; consideration of new import tariffs, gun control proposals, DACA legislation proposals, Russian President Putin’s new nuclear missile, Maxine Waters calling President Trump a racist and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un inviting President Trump to come to the table and talk. The latter three items appear quite significant.

  • Putin’s New Nuclear Missile: The Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin announced that his country has developed a nuclear powered, nuclear tipped, air/underwater, supersonic cruise missile, that can reach any target in the world! Some military analysists have dubbed this weapon the “HOTAIRNIC,” while others are taking it as a serious world threat.
  • Maxine Waters calls President Trump a Racist: Representative “Bat-Guano Crazy” Maxine Waters (D-CA) called President Trump a Racist, Islamophobic, Misogynic, and Xenophobic president, who she says I will get impeached! After that, the Welfare Queen Maxine promised reparations for slavery. President Trump had indicated Maxine needed an IQ test to prove she was smarter than a lemon. Furthermore, he would still be president until 2025, billing her for all the riots in Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore etal. President Trump also asked Maxine for a Selfie of her in a Bikini?
  • North Korea Invited President Trump to come to the Table for Talks: President Trump welcomed the receipt of Kim Jong Un’s invitation. President Trump and his military aides had put together a Secret low-tech solution to the North Korean standoff. During a North Korean Military Parade in Pyongyang, thousands of hot-air balloons, dangling Bikini clad Maxine Water’s Selfie, were air launched. The stiff high goose-stepping NK troops lost it in laughter and piled into each other, while tanks crashed into each other and into the mobile rubber and fabric missiles that then deflated!

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was overheard asking President Trump if Russian Federation President Putin and Representative Waters should be mentioned during next week’s press briefing as helping getting Kim Jong Un to the table? Sarah replied, don’t push it as the North Koreans might charge the USA with “Cruel and Unusual Punishment!”

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    Mar 13th, 2018

    Toxic Maxulinity strikes again!

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