You Can Keep Your Plastic Straws If You Like!

by on 27/05/18 at 2:24 pm

Colored pizza was a big hit but it too tasted like plastic.

Colored pizza was a big hit but it too tasted like plastic.

Polar Bear Alaska:

MacDougal’s Fast Fish Cafe shareholders have rejected a proposal asking the firm to report on its use of plastic straws. This is the latest part of a campaign backed by the self-appointed activist group Environmental Wackos of California (EWOC) pressuring the firm to ban certain food packaging items. The idea won less than 8% of the vote at the company’s annual meeting!

MacDougal’s Fast Fish Cafe management indicated “the requested report is unnecessary, redundant to our current practices and initiatives, and has the potential for a diversion of resources with no corresponding benefit to the company, our customers, and our shareholders.”

EWOC has been pressing MacDougal’s Fast Fish Cafes to end its use plastic straws due to the impact on the environment and wildlife. (Plastic ocean pollution, a third world created problem, is also being blamed on MacDougal’s Fast Food Cafés using too many plastic straws.) An online petition on the issue has attracted nearly 500,000 signatures. However, 100 million Americans eat at MacDougal’s Fast Fish Cafes, meaning that the petition only accounts for 0.5% of Americans.

MacDougal’s Fast Fish Cafe management told shareholders that it already has a goal that by 2020, “all of MacDougal’s Fast Fish Cafe guest packaging (including straws) will come from renewable, recycled or certified sources and not need any further recycling.” The company plans to completely automate its 50,000 stores worldwide using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Control and Robotics to process, cook and serve the fish. The menial jobs will be replaced by high-paying tech jobs for those workers who sign up for the company retraining program.)

Since the boneless fish fillets will be untouched by human hands, they will be served on sanitized germ-free toilet tissue wrapped in sanitized germ-free paper towels. Once the fish and side orders are consumed, the paper products can be recycled through the existing restrooms at any local MacDougal’s Fast Fish Café!

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