Hillary Receives the Prestigious EMF Award From the NAACP

by on 06/06/18 at 9:08 am

The Gay-Black-Jewish Klansmen Barber Shop Quartet lead the attendees in a rousing rendition of 'Mammy.'

The Gay-Black-Jewish Klansmen Barber Shop Quartet lead the attendees in a rousing rendition of ‘Mammy’ and several other inspirational favorites.

Chappaqua NY- (satireworld.com)

Former Democratic President Bill Clinton and failed 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s home is in the small Westchester County town of Chappaqua NY. The town, not far from New York City (NYC), demographically has 1400 residents of which 2.5% are Hispanic and there are zero African Americans.

Thus, it was rather surprising that the Chappaqua NY Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) invited Hillary to speak to their membership and to receive an award. Hillary thought the award was to be like the “Transforming Society” award she received at Harvard University.

The Clintons, including Chelsea, arrived at the NAACP Meeting Hall along with two Secret Service details (eight agents) and four reporters from the New York Times, CNN, The Huffington Post and The Chappaqua Inquirer. The 15 guests were greeted by the seven members of the Chappaqua NAACP Chapter, who are all Republicans.

Hillary was invited to say a few words before the award presentation by Chapter Chairman Max Waters (no relation to the California Democrat), who indicated that increasing Chapter growth would be occurring in 2018.

Prior to speaking to the audience Hillary donned a pointed hat with eyeholes to make a joke out of the previous involvement of the Democratic Party with unsavory activities. She than lauded ex-President Obama’s improvement of African American employment figures, cleverly avoiding Republican President Trump’s quantum leap in employment for the Black Community.

Max Waters than presented Hillary with the Ebony Middle Finger (EMF) award for “Spinning Excuses.” There was a short refreshment gathering by all and then the guests were gone.

Hillary had another Faux Pas to add to her resume!

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  1. Bargis

    Jun 6th, 2018

    She probably had to be carried out….

    • Cot america

      Jun 7th, 2018

      “I,m back,” after doctor confirms bill Clinton has ed freeing him to return
      To pubic service after abuse rehab,”

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