The Four Democratic Jackasses of the Apocalypse

by on 11/08/18 at 8:54 am

Ever wonder why the jackass was chosen as the Democratic party's official symbol? Well, the first offered the position to  rat, but its publicist said it had a 'higher moral value' in mind.

Ever wonder why the jackass was chosen as the Democratic party’s official symbol?
Well, they first offered the position to wharf rat, but its publicist said the rat had a ‘higher moral value’ in mind.

Washington DC:

The prophesy of the four Democratic Jackasses of the Apocalypse is foretold in the last chapters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Book of Socialist Moron Politicians. The four Jackasses are symbols of the different events which will take place when the American people, in conjunction with the Republican Party, finally confront and vanquish the stable of corrupt, lying Democratic Party politicians.

The jackasses of the Apocalypse are: Wannabe King Obama, Empress Moochelle, crooked money-grubbing Queen Hillary and senile Madame Pelosi! These devilish creatures will be defeated by the Republican elephant going Trump, Trump, Trump and then all will be banished to the impregnable Island Fortress of GITMO for eternity!

  • The First Jackass of the Apocalypse, “empty suit” Obama, with his powerful Race Card, rides a white donkey! The rider also holds an Obamacare witch doctor caduceus, wears a paper crown like those at Burger King and appears as a-conqueror from behind. The first Jackass Obama, a snake oil salesman, embodies thoughtless actions like missed redlines that wreak havoc everywhere, due to the erroneous prognostications of the second Jackass Queen Hillary.
  • The Second Jackass of the Apocalypse, Queen Hillary, rides a fiery red donkey. Its rider is powerful enough to shatter peace on earth and to make men slay each other via terrible warfare, namely Libya, Egypt and Syria. All the while lining her own pockets by selling Uranium to the Russian foe. The rider holds the ill-gotten TOP SECRET Server documents, the bloody heads of the slain Benghazi Libya US warriors and her saddle bags are full of evil money.
  • The Third Jackass of the Apocalypse, Empress Moochella or the powerful “Lunch Lady,” rides a black donkey! Its rider is holding a pair of food scales in her hand referring to an additional famine that takes place, because of withholding ample nourishment (uneatable lunches) from the nation’s public-school students. Meanwhile the empress travels first class around the world and doesn’t miss any gourmet meals!
  • The Fourth Jackass of the Apocalypse, Senile Pelosi has a half-life memory of 10 seconds. Senile Pelosi rides a pale donkey! Its rider is referred to as the symbol of political death, although many people think this title is more appropriate for Queen Hillary. The fourth Jackass is a combination of the previous three, using Queen Hillary’s evil money, to bring further warfare, political death, devastating silly gaffes and awful plagues of “enact before reading!”

Minor demagogue camp following Democrats like Chuck Schumer, mad Maxine Waters, dizzy Lizzy “Pocahontas” Warren, slimy Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Joe “Shotgun” Biden,  the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Queen Hillary’s consort Bill! will also be exiled to GITMO for eternity!

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