Hillary Clinton Claims Brett Kavanaugh Sent Her Inappropriate Emails But She Can’t Find Them

by on 08/10/18 at 8:59 am

Truth be told, Hillary couldn't find her ass with a flashlight.

Truth be told, Hillary couldn’t find her ass with a flashlight.

New York City, NY – (satireworld.com)

Former First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate, murderer, traitor, and crooked lawyer Hillary Clinton has revealed that Brett Kavanaugh sent her inappropriate emails of a sexual nature.  Clinton, however, is surprisingly unable to locate the emails.

Hillary made the revelations right after the Senate vote confirmed Kavanaugh on a vote that followed party lines.  “Was I too late?” asked Clinton. “Darn, that’s just like what happened with Benghazi!”

When asked if Hillary planned to use the FBI or Justice Department to help her locate the missing messages, her personal secretary and lesbian lover Huma Abedin Weiner, said that “I don’t think we want to go down that road right now.”

Kavanaugh, after being told of the accusation, said “do I need to hire a personal bodyguard?  I know that she generally has her political enemies killed (like in Whitewater), but don’t know how seriously I should take her being against me.”

Like all of the other Democrats involved, Hillary Clinton opposed putting someone with morals, ethics, and values on the Supreme Court.  The “quick” FBI investigation that they wanted, however, found no concrete evidence against the Supreme Court Nominee.  They are now calling that investigation performed by an FBI (that they control) and supervised by the Justice Department (that they control) a “sham.”

Seems that they want to have their cake and eat it too!  It also appears that, in the face of reality, they refuse to accept reality and must continue with the mud slinging and innuendo and protests.  Will looting, burning, rioting, and crying be far behind?

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