Obvious Election Fraud Committed in New Mexico… by a County (a Satireworld Editorial)

by on 09/11/18 at 8:44 am

Maybe only Democrats hangout in graveyards.

Maybe only Democrats hangout in graveyards.

He's heading to Florida!

He’s heading to Florida!

What’s wrong with this picture?
Yvette Harrell ran against Xochitl Torres Small for the congressional seat in Southern New Mexico. Party doesn’t matter right now because both are reprehensible (there wasn’t a lesser of two evils in this campaign). Harrell misdirected money (over half a million dollars) from the state to her business (while in the legislature) and also another half a million to her mother’s business and had what would have been ethics violations if the state had (previous to now) an ethics committee.

Small is openly a socialist and worships Pelosi and believes in nationalizing all medical care and weakening the Constitution. She is also one of those who uses her maiden name and married name so that she can get the Hispanic vote and not chase away Anglo voters.

In the election, after counting all of the ballots, it was announced that Harrell won by almost 2000 votes. All national media outlets declared her the winner. Wait a minute! Suddenly, Dona Ana County (Las Cruces is the biggest city in this county and the largest city in the congressional district) had 4000 absentee ballots that they hadn’t counted. They were individually sealed in envelopes and had to be opened by hand and counted.

Okay, so this would mean that Small would need a 3 to 1 advantage of those votes for a tie. Wait a minute! Suddenly, Dona Ana County discovered that there were ANOTHER 4000 absentee ballots (for a total of 8000) that were also sealed in individual envelopes that needed to be counted. 

It supposedly took almost two extra days to “count” these ballots because the election officials were tired and kept cutting their hands from opening so many envelopes.  It should also be noted that an election judge said that all of these absentee ballots were counted, even though a large percentage were not signed by the voters (as was required)… and he would not release the number or percentage of unsigned ballots! 

This makes “hanging chads” in Florida look like nothin’ special!

Guess what? After “counting” those ballots, it was discovered that Xochitl (pronounced “so chill”) Torres Small had 75% of the absentee votes and that she now won the election by 2000 votes. What a miracle comeback!
The population of Dona Ana County is about 215,000 people. It runs along the Mexican border and there are a lot of illegal aliens and under-education people that just don’t vote.  Let’s figure that maybe 100,000 are actually registered voters (and that is being generous). Are you going to tell me that 8000 of those people MAILED IN absentee ballots (instead of voting early or on Election Day)? Really? If 40% of the registered voters actually voted in the election (also generous), it would mean that 20% of all of this county’s votes were absentee.  Is it also a coincidence that Small is from Dona Ana county?  It should be noted that Southern New Mexico is actually the red part of a blue state and that their Congressional seat has gone to a Republican 28 of the past 30 years (and the outgoing two term Governor is a Republican from Las Cruces).
I was born during the day, but it wasn’t yesterday. This (fake absentee ballots) is apparently now New Mexico’s version of the Illinois cemetery vote.  I think Harrell has a big case here for election fraud.

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