Michelle Obama to Sue Satireworld LLC for Intellectual Property Defamation

by on 18/12/18 at 10:34 am

There were exceptional photo excerpts from her book

There were exceptional photo excerpts from her book

Washington DC – (satitreworld.com)

Former Democratic First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Michelle Obama (2009-2017) is on a book tour shilling her new memoir titled “Becoming.”  Michelle is to visit 10 US cities along the tour, kicking off in her hometown of Chicago IL, The tour begins the day of the book’s release followed by other cities including Los Angeles CA, Washington, DC, Boston MA, Philadelphia PA, New York NY, Detroit MI, Denver CO, San Francisco CA and finally, Dallas TX.

Michelle’s Publisher indicated that 3 million copies of the book have already been sold domestically and the 10-city tour will be expanded to a world tour. Michelle has already chartered two Boeing 747’s to transport translated copies of “Becoming” to anywhere in the world.

Michelle’s memoir does manage to knock the current resident of the White House, without mentioning Republican President Donald Trump and current FLOTUS Melania Trump (2017- ) by name. The management of Satireworld LLC felt bipartisan enough to place an order for 100,000 copies of “Becoming” for additional local US consumption.

Satireworld LLC management is not acting altruistically, as the bankruptcy closing of Sears stores will cost 89,000 employees their jobs. Thus, there will be no more last-years Sears catalogs to be used for sanitary purposes! Michelle’s memoir will serve a more utilitarian purpose in life than being a coffee table book. (Barack Obama pictured toilet tissue was a big seller during his eight years in office.)

Somewhere between Dallas TX and Washington DC Michelle called her publisher to obtain the phone number of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s lawyers!

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  1. Jalapenoman

    Dec 19th, 2018

    Can we just order copies of the dust jacket to use as toilet paper? I would rather wipe my ass on her face than on her racist rants and propaganda.

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