Starring Role Cast for Nancy Pelosi in New Big Screen Biopic

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......With Nancy Pelosi it's always about the pork!

……With Nancy Pelosi it’s always about the pork!

Hollywood, CA- (

The pig who starred in “Babe” and its sequel “Babe; Pig in the City” has been cast to star in a new Hollywood biopic on Nancy Pelosi.  The big budget film, set for December release in 2019, is expected to compete for multiple Oscars, Golden Globes, and other awards.

Tina, from her mansion in Palm Springs, said that “I was hopelessly typecast since my two award winning films so long ago.  I am a solid actress and not really a HAM, but people kept seeing me as just another pig.   It seemed like I could never get out of the barnyard for my parts on television, the big screen, or on the stage.  This part gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my CHOPS, you could say.  I will try not to be a glory HOG for this on the publicity circuit, but I am planning on bringing home the BACON when I hit the awards shows, if you know what I mean.”

Tina, who was most recently on stage in “The Days of SWINE and Roses,” will portray Pelosi during her political years.  “We look a lot alike, so I don’t anticipate having to use a lot of time in make-up and wardrobe each morning.”

Director Gordon “GORDY” Jackson said “we intend to show everything: the backroom deals, the PORK barrel politics, the insider information, the PIG STY that is Washington D.C., … every bit of the political intrigue that is Nancy Pelosi.”

Fellow California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is expected to be portrayed by a fifty pound sack of Steer Manure (though spokespeople for the manure admit that the natural fertilizer will have to try to play the role of a person with lesser intelligence).  Dianne Feinstein, the third member of California’s Trio of Terror, will be played by the orangutan from the “Every Which Way But Loose” series of films.  Former President Barack Obama will be played by Mickey Mouse as both are part black, both have funny ears, and both hang around with friends who are Goofy.

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  1. Jalapenoman

    Dec 27th, 2018

    Sounds like type casting to me!

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