Christian Fundamentalists Sue Democratic Party Due to Biased Political Correctness

by on 07/01/19 at 5:35 pm

Rev. Horace Stone says, "Screw  those commie bastards."

Rev. Horace Stone says, “Screw those commie bastards.”

Tampa, FL – (

Eleven groups of Christian fundamentalists have filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party for libel and bias due to unfair treatment under hate speech and political correctness laws.  The groups have stated that they have no intention of settling out of court, but want their issues and concerns to be heard (even though they recognize that the story will never be covered by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, or any of the other liberal media sources).

Their petition states that “it is politically correct to be a Moslem/Muslim Fundamentalist in this country and nothing can be said or written about you in any negative sense without it being considered hate speech.  The Democrats, however, have decided that just the phrase Fundamentalist Christian denotes a person of lesser intelligence and absurd political thoughts and actions.  Fundamentalist Christians, who founded this country and provide a large segment of voters and who overwhelmingly rejected the lying, criminal, murderer, treasonous Hillary Clinton, are condemned by the leftist Democratic party controlled media and are considered and labelled as Deplorables.”

“We overwhelmingly reject their views and demand that these opinions be condemned and considered as hate speech.”

“What we condemn as sin or criminal activity they hold up as freedom of choice and call us names for rejecting their lifestyles.  What we hold as Constitutionally guaranteed rights, traditional American values, and the word or God are maligned, derided, and insulted and we are not allowed to defend ourselves.  They demand socialist lifestyle for everyone else but live a double standard of exalted luxury among themselves.  Enough is enough.  We are still the moral majority and we are tired of turning the other cheek.”

The United States Senate, the Executive Branch, the Supreme Court, and the majority of Americans support the stance of the Christian Right.  The House of Representatives, however, voted to officially laugh at the move as something “done by country bumpkins who need to go back to weeding their turnips.”  Eighteen gay federal judges have already attempted to throw the petition out of court, even though it is not in their courts.


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