Pope Francis Goes To Mount Olive – Popeye Almost Kills Him!

by on 18/03/11 at 8:59 am

Popeye Morgan was advised to stay off the road, but his mission was to prevent the Pope from getting to Mount Olive!

Vatican City -(SatireWorld.com)

Pope Francis left the Vatican on Monday to travel to the US on a visit to shrines and diocese leaders. He hoped to stop at various religious landmarks he hadn't officially visited as Pope in previous US visits.

First on his itinerary was a visit to northern New Jersey near the New Jersey, New York border. It would be his holiness' first visit to New Jersey and his seventh trip abroad since ascending to the Papacy in 2012.

Mount Olive New Jersey is a center for local Catholic populations and showcases two unique cathedrals. Pope Francis decided to visit the Mount Olive Cathedral on Tuesday and to celebrate the mass personally. Thousands were expected to view the one-time visit by the 70 year Pontiff.

John 'Popeye' Morgan wanted to witness the Pope's historic visit too, but after leaving O'Shay's Bar and Grill after a night of celebrating St. Paddy’s day, he was better suited for a strong cup of coffee and a taxi ride home. The hapless Morgan decided to drive his new Chevrolet Caprice to the downtown event, leaving both common sense and the better advice of his friends back at O'Shays.

Two blocks from the cathedral, Morgan's car accidentally ran into the back of the Pope-Mobile carrying Pope Francis. Glass shattered, and the Pope took a spill, but his Holiness narrowly escaped death by the hands of an ardent, but very drunk admirer.

Needless to say, the Pope did not get to Mount Olive.

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