Gay Couple Adopt Doll And They All Dress Alike

by on 19/03/11 at 5:03 am

Kirby and Sapolnick are making plans to send little Digby to Yale.

New York, NY-(

An openly gay couple have traveled the world with a doll called Digby, which is dressed in the same fashion and color scheme as its owners, or in this case, ‘parents.’

“Our intention was to create a family,” Kirby said. “And Digby was going to be part of our family.”

Kirby and Sapolnick say they have been together for six years and then they thought of buying a doll to represent their child, it was then that Digby joined them. Since the “blessed event,” the trio have been inseparable.

According to friends who have known the gay couple for years, Sapolnick walked around for several months with a large pillow strapped to his waist and even went as far as to invite friends to a ‘birthing party’ where he feinted labor and gave birth. Some were reportedly revolted when he pressed the Digby doll to his man boobs.

While all dressed alike, Kirby and Sapolnick take little Digby to NYC’s Central Park to ride the carousel, they threw him an expensive bar mitzvah when he turned 13, and he’s been on vacations to places like Mumbai, Venice, Egypt, Miami Beach, and Cambodia

“When we got to the hotel in Cambodia, the lounge singer was expecting him,” Kirby said, laughing.

Reactions in from others, especially in the US, aren’t always as positive. Some friends and neighbors think the whole idea is ‘sorta weird’ in a way. Others are more forceful in their opinions and think the two guys are living in a fantasy world located on another planet under a rock.

Most agree that Digby is harmless and the actions of his two ‘parents’ probably doesn’t hurt anyone and they’re entitled to live in any world they create as long as it makes them happy and fulfilled.

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