Massive Arabian Sea Fish Kill Has Scientists Stumped

by on 04/05/11 at 11:36 am

Military advisors on the scene remarked that the fish kill smelled almost as bad as Bin Laden's stinky corpse that had to be run through a car wash and then re-washed with a plutonium-laced disenfectant in order to make it clean enough for Islamic burial customs.

Research Vessel Toms River – (

Scientists aboard the maritime research ship Toms River, are in a quandry over a massive fish kill that has washed up millions of dead fish on both sides of the Arabian Sea. Local fishermen are calling it an ‘act of NATO,’ alluding to a reprisal of sorts by Allied armed forces stationed in nearby Persian Gulf facilities.

Brigadier General Arne Nelson disclaimed any allied interference in open maritime fishing waters, but did note the fish-kill source originated close to the geographic spot where Bin Laden’s corpse was dumped early Monday morning.

The International Space Station has reported a large oily-gray water slick in the vacinity of the classied coordinates where the body was dumped.

Upon learning of a possible military involved environment issue that could affect global warming, Ex-vice president Al Gore chartered an aircraft and headed to the site with 12 news crews and 125 aides.

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