Chinese Peanut Butter Recalled Over Sanitation Concerns

by on 22/05/11 at 5:41 am

HOW PEANUT BUTTER IS MADE IN CHINA:The China Resource Center admits that almost 230,000 workers in Special Excrement Section 89-A have been laid off until further notice.

Beijing, China – (

The Lucky Dog Peanut Butter Corporation has been ordered by the US Food and Drug Administration to recall up to 2 million pounds of contaminated peanut butter, peanut butter by-products, and other snack foods shipped from their Chinese plants from 1999 through 2011 into the United States.

A recent television story about Chinese foods that are exported, recently unearthed stratling photos of dirty conditions, undocumented workers fulfilling hazardous jobs near food stocks, and multiple reports of unsanitary food processing conditions and contamination with dangerous concentrations of pesticides, human feces, and chemicals.

China has been long known as one of the most polluted countries on Earth, one which is almost completely void of regulations and controls governing the environment. Last year, almost two-thousand tons of facial tissue had to be recalled after it was learned that it contained 80% or recycled products. In this case, recycled disposable diapers. A recent instance was when recycled automobile battery lead was used to thicken baby formula. Perhaps the most famous incident was the dog food recall of 2007, when 75 million tons of dry dog food had to be recalled once it was discovered to contain 75% of cat by-products which caused mass psychosis among millions of pet canines throughout the world.

For information about this recall call 1-888-222-2222

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