Rose Bowl Parade Officials and the North Korean Army Marching Deal For 2014

by on 26/05/11 at 3:45 am

The women soldiers were sad that they couldn't visit a Walgreens and buy pantyhose and real tampons that weren't the usual processed steel wool that's so common back in the Motherland.

Pasadena, CA – (

Rose Bowl Parade officials sent an official notice to members of the elite North Korean Army’s womens precision marching corp. The letter gave notice that due to recent international nuclear tensions, the participation of the 5,000 man North Korean precision marching army will not be wanted. The annual parade is used to showcase the annual Rose Bowl football spectacular held in Pasadena each January 1st.

The People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea was to be paid $10 million dollars, given 500 Disneyland tickets, and each marcher a brand new color TV set. The nixed deal has sent a wave of official North Korean government protests to Washington.

North Korea, long noted as the most precision marching cadre in the world, has been training night and day for the Pasadena event. Thousands of signs were made that would have spelled out flashing messages from thousands of North Korean visitors who bought pre-paid blocks of seating in the visitors section. Even thousands of new boots were purchased that put a dent in meager government resources.

“We even had a real capitalist running dog to let loose,” claims Koo Fong Wa, Deputy Interior Minister. “Now, I guess we’ll just have to pass it around and eat it!”

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