Famous ‘Benny The Basket’ Finally Finds Real Success Outside Of Rural Texas

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Benny's Dad, Lester Krebbs Jr, took him to bars and made people laugh for a few free beers

Denton, Texas – (SatireWorld.com)

Bennie had heard most of them a thousand times before. Jokes that somehow had grow stale with jokesters retelling them over and over to equally stale listeners, but the jokes never lost their barb and they easily penetrated Bennie the Basket’s thin skin. They usually start out with a question like…’What do you call a man with no arms and no legs who falls off a dock?’ … ‘Bob!’ The jokes hurt because, Bennie the Basket was born, though normal in every other way, without arms or legs!

For most of his life, Bennie’s family carried him around in a cheap, wicker laundry basket, all bound up in a cheap, blue blanket and a sporty little knit cap. When he became older, and like most little boys, he loved to go where ever his father went. Often his Dad placed him in the front basket of his bicycle. Secured him with a tatted bungee cord and peddled little Benny around the small town of Denton, Texas .

Bennie could hear the loud conversation in the smoky bars his Dad often took him too, and nodded in silent agreement when his Dad cautioned him about telling anyone where they’ve been. It was their little secret after all. As a reward, his Dad even bought him a cowboy hat on his 7th birthday.

He also enjoyed when his Dad got a few laughs by sliding him down the polished bowling alley lane, of couse his Dad Lester was thoughful enough tyo place a small motorcycle helmet on his so the falling bowling pins wouldn’t hurt so bad. His Dad always seemed to have a lot of friends who gave him free drinks after that. For some time, Benny laughed along with his father when he played practical jokes on complete strangers. Like the times his Dad secreted Bennie in a men’s room toilet and laughed from the adjoining stall as startled patrons discovered a smiling Bennie floating in the bowl with a party hat on his head.

Halloween was a big event around Benny’s house, as Mom and Dad spent hours talking about how to use Benny’s abilities to win cash for having the ‘best costume’ during the annual Halloween Party sponsored by the Riverside fire house. One year, Benny was painted like an NFL football. On one occasion he won ‘Most Original’ when his Mom wrapped him in cotton, and glued a piece of rope to his butt, calling him… Little Mr. Tampon! Perhaps his most memorable win was when his Dad made a segmented plastic sleeve that fit over his bottom part and then painted him dark green with a glistening sheen of oil over his body. Sammy the Magical Slug captured the hearts of the judges and little Benny took home first prize of $500 dollars!

At age 16, Benny left Denton, Texas and ventured out on his own, often awaiting for hours, sometimes days on the roadside, until a thoughtful stranger picked up his cramped basket and took him to a new destination. Most were surprised to find him in there, thinking they just retrieved a discarded basket, but after a few words from Benny, they gladly took him on his journey, and before dropping him off at the roadside, happily wrote a note that was placed on the basket’s handle with Benny’s next destination written in large letters.

After almost 2 years on the road, Bennie finally found his way north where he worked for a time in a sideshow catching rings in his mouth thrown by attendees as he carefully balanced on a 4 inch beam over a tank filled with stinging jellyfish.

Benny even made it to reality TV for a short stint, performing the 70s Village People’s trademark song…Y.M.C.A, while manipulating cut-out cardboard arms and legs with a string taped to his chin that spelled out the song’s Y-M-C-A letters. Perhaps Benny’s most famous stunt was performed in during a New Year’s Eve show climax, where he would be shot out of a large compressed air cannon with a fiery Roman candle carefully inserted up, well, you get the picture!

Today, Benny has a new way to make a living. Gone are the days of humiliating stunts and dangerous activities that made some people rich, and others simply amused by his physical limitations. He retired the dilapidated wicker basket and bought a mechanical motorized carriage that allowed him to roll about the steep hills and twisting turns of his neighborhood. He made new friends, has a girlfriend named Peg, and even landed a fulltime job!

Equipped with a sturdy mouth wand, Bennie diligently types funny stories on a computer keyboard and earns accolades from readers around the globe. The website, SatireWorld.com, has given Benny a new chapter in his life, as well as, the courage to begin a book about his life. Simply called Benny in a Basket .

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