Jersey Shore’s Snooki Joins Moammar Gaddafi’s Army

by on 20/06/11 at 7:47 am

Snooki struts her stuff during a anti-infidel parade in Tripoli. In her spare time she makes pepperoni pizza for Moammar Gaddafi and sits on his lap alot.

Seaside Heights, NJ-(

The parents of popular reality star Snooki appealed to the government of Libya today, in an effort to get Colonel Gaddafi to send their daughter home before she gets hurt or hurts someone. The diminative Snooki, the main cast member of the MTV reality show ‘Jersey Shore,’ reportedly took a hiatus from the hit show and joined up with the elite bodyguard squad for Libya’s dictator Moammar Gaddafi.

Snooki, who has expressed a desire in the past to ‘kick some male ass,’ enrolled in the elite squad that serves as a bodyguard for Libya’s leader. The all female force of 40 bodyguards surrounds the dictator and affords him total protection 24 hours a day. Sources say Snooki has been put in charge of pizza making since the Libyan Colonel loves pepperoni and cheese pizza four or five times a week.

Snooki last sent a post card to the cast members of Jersey Shore showing her new uniform and a really neat AK-47. She mentioned she didn’t know when she would return since bombs were dropping daily on Gaddafi’s compound.

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